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Nurse Foreman was a wraith and a nurse at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital.

Season 5[]

Dean kills Nurse Foreman.

At some unknown point in time, Nurse Foreman started working at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital. She killed several patients there and fed on their brain fluids. She would make their deaths look like suicides to cover them up.

She attacked and killed a patient killed named Susan Fletcher, after terrorizing her for an unspecified amount of time. She killed a patient named Annie before she killed Susan.

These murders drew the attention of retired hunter Martin Creaser, who was a patient at the hospital. He called hunters Sam and Dean Winchester to investigate the case.

The boys are admitted into the hospital and subjected to thorough examinations by Nurse Foreman. Dean attempts to lay some ground rules with her, calling her "Nurse Ratched" and warning her not to try any "soul-crushing, authoritarian crap" on him. "Okie dokie," she replies with a calm smile. At some point, she realizes they are hunters, so she poisons them during their entry examinations, to give them hallucinations and prevent them from solving the case.

A few days later, she kills a patient named Ted and makes his death look like a suicide; she made it look like he hung himself. She later catches Sam and Dean in the morgue where they were examining Ted's body. Asking why they are in the morgue, Dean decides that dropping his pants, raising his hands in the air and yelling "Pudding!!" is the way to respond. She is unfazed and proceeds to shoo them out the door.

Nurse Foreman later tried to feed on and kill another patient named Wendy. Before she could kill her, she was interrupted by Dean and Martin. They see the nurse's wraith reflection in the mirror and realize she's in the process of sucking Wendy's brains out. She attacks them and gets the best of them both, but Martin manages to slash her with the silver weapon and she runs away. As she escapes down the hall, she tells the orderlies that two patients attacked her in Wendy's room. In the room, Martin discovers that Wendy is still alive and yells at a disoriented Dean to go after the wraith. The orderlies rush in and Dean finally gets up and runs as Martin holds them off.

She then tried to feed on and kill Sam while he was confined in a padded room. He was bound by wrist and ankle restraints on a bed in the center of the room. She produces her spike and is preparing to stab Sam, when Dean bursts in, still disoriented. She batters him for a while, and gets dangerously close to skewering him, but he manages to grab her spike and break it. She recoils screaming and he grabs the silver-plated letter opener and plunges it into her chest. His vision re-aligns as he focuses on her dead body. He releases Sam's restraints as the hospital's alarm sounds and they escape the facility.

Powers and Abilities[]

She possesses all the standard powers of a wraith:

  • Perception Altering - She was able to alter the perception of humans to be able to pass as a regular human.
  • Insanity Inducement - By touching Sam and Dean, she was able to infect them and make them psychologically unstable by elevating their dopamine levels.
  • Super Strength - She was physically more powerful than humans, and was able to overpower them with little difficulty.
  • Super Agility - She was able to reach her intended victims by squeezing through the ventilation shafts.
  • Regeneration - While not displayed, she had the ability to grow back her spike if it was snapped off.
  • Spikes - As a wraith, she possesses retractable spikes that are concealed in her wrists. She would use these spikes to feed off her victims brains.


  • Silver - Being a wraith, she was vulnerable to, and killed by, silver. Just being cut with silver made her skin bubble and crack.
  • Mirrors - Her true form was revealed in a mirror.