These two unnamed demons served the Knight of Hell Abaddon in her effort to steal souls in 1958.


In 1958, these two demons possessed two nuns from St. Bonaventure Convent in Milton, Illinois as part of the Knight of Hell Abaddon's plot to steal souls and transform them into demons. Together with the demon posing as Sister Agnes, they aided Abaddon in kidnapping people and tying them up in the convent basement for the operation.

One night, as Abaddon stole the souls of several people, one of the demons stood guard while another selected each victim and brought them to Abaddon in the backroom. When only Sister Julia Wilkinson was left, Men of Letters initiates Henry Winchester and Josie Sands broke in. As Josie splashed one demon with holy water, both began performing an exorcism on the demons. The two demons were quickly exorcised from their vessels and sent back to Hell.

In 2014, when hunter Sam Winchester, the grandson of Henry, investigated Abaddon's reopened soul factory, Julia told him the story of the night at the convent, including about these two demons.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They appeared to be regular low-level demons with all the powers of ones.

  • Demonic Possession - As demons, they needed vessels to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As demons, they would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As demons, they were invulnerable to normal methods of harm.


As regular low-level demons, they possessed all the weaknesses of ones.


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