You know, in all my thousands of years, what happened to Jimmy Novak and his family are my greatest regret.
Castiel tells Nick his regrets.
in Gods and Monsters

The Novak Family are the descendants of Ishmael, making them a long line of vessels for Castiel.

Known membersEdit

  • Jimmy Novak (deceased) - The head of the family, Jimmy was a radio ad salesman before he was approached by the angel Castiel to become his vessel. A devout man, Jimmy agreed. After briefly reuniting with his family, Jimmy was once again taken as a vessel by Castiel and was later killed by Raphael alongside Castiel. Unlike Castiel, however, Jimmy was not resurrected by God and his soul now resides in Heaven with Amelia while his body continues to act as Castiel's vessel on Earth.
  • Amelia Novak (deceased) - She was the wife of Jimmy and mother of Claire. When Jimmy first mentioned angels, Amelia did not believe him, and thought he was crazy. After witnessing Jimmy become possessed a second time, Amelia decided to search for him, leaving Claire with her grandmother. Amelia's search led to her being captured by the Grigori Tamiel. Amelia was eventually rescued by Castiel, but she then sacrificed herself to save her daughter. Her soul now resides in Heaven with her husband.
  • Claire Novak - The daughter of Jimmy and Amelia. She witnessed the angel Castiel take her father as a vessel though she didn't understand it at the time. Castiel later takes Claire as a vessel before returning to Jimmy. Claire is then abandoned by her mother at her grandmother's place while her mother searches for Jimmy. Claire soon ends up in foster care. After being found by Castiel, Claire attempts to have Dean killed before forgiving both men for the death of her father. She later works with the Winchesters and Castiel to rescue her mother and is adopted by Jody Mills. Claire has expressed interest in becoming a hunter since killing Tamiel and is currently hunting on her own. After being bitten by Justin, Claire briefly became a werewolf but was cured by the Winchesters and Mick Davies of the British Men of Letters.
  • Gregory Novak - Mentioned in Supernatural: War of the Sons, is the father of Jimmy and grandfather of Claire.


  • Sam and Dean Winchester - The brothers try to protect the Novaks from demons in The Rapture, and briefly take care of Claire while helping her search for her mother in Angel Heart. They also help rescue Claire from vampires in Don't You Forget About Me and help cure her of lycanthropy in Ladies Drink Free. Claire remains a close friend and ally of the Winchesters.
  • Castiel - The angel whose possession of Jimmy led to his untimely death and the breakup of the family. Continues to reside in Jimmy's body and occasionally aids Claire, who came to forgive him for her father's death. In Gods and Monsters, Castiel tells Nick that the fate that befell the family is his biggest regret in Castiel's millennia long existence.
  • Mills Family - Jody Mills adopts Claire after the death of Amelia and is eventually accepted by Claire as her mother. As part of the Mills Family, Claire gains Annie Jones as her sister, something that is reluctant on both of their parts at first before the two grow closer.
  • Claire's grandmother (deceased) - The mother of Amelia Novak who took care of Claire for a while after Amelia went searching for Jimmy. Her untimely death led Claire to begin her life in foster homes.


  • Demons - Jimmy's separation from Castiel by the angels prompt the demons to hunt Jimmy down, and find out how he works. They eventually decide to just kill him and his daughter, but fail thanks to the intervention of Castiel who helps the Winchesters dispatch the demons.
  • Tamiel (deceased) - A Grigori who kidnapped Amelia and later killed her. He was killed by Claire using his own sword against him.
  • Richard Beesome and Henry (deceased) - Two revenge-seeking vampires who try to kill Claire as part of their revenge scheme for Annie Jones. Killed by Dean and Claire.
  • Justin (deceased) - A werewolf driven to create a new pack after the British Men of Letters eradicated his previous one. He ends up biting Claire. He is killed by Mick Davies who then uses his blood to cure Claire of lycanthropy.
  • Alternate Kaia Nieves - Due to the alternate Kaia killing the Kaia of the Main Universe, Claire seeks to get revenge upon her.


  • The family is formally introduced in the season 4 episode The Rapture, which is also the only episode in which all three main members are together.
    • The three main members appeared again in Angel Heart, though Claire never got to see her deceased father, while Amelia and Jimmy were reunited.
  • Jimmy briefly served as Lucifer's vessel alongside Castiel though it was only Jimmy's body as Jimmy himself was long-since dead.
  • Jimmy, Amelia and Claire have each served as a vessel, though Amelia was possessed unwillingly by a demon; the other two consented to Castiel.
  • It is unknown if Castiel's female vessel is related to this family or not.
  • In Gods and Monsters, Castiel tells Nick that what happened to Jimmy Novak and his family is Castiel's greatest regret in his millennia-long existence.
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