Entrance ambulance of the hospital.

Northern Indiana State Hospital is a fictional general hospital located in Indiana, which also has a locked psychiatric ward which includes electroshock treatment facilities.

Known StaffEdit

  • Dr Kadinsky - A psychiatrist.
  • Marcus (deceased) - A demon who worked as an orderly in the hospital. He was killed by Castiel after trying to torture Sam to death with electro-shock therapy.
  • Meg - Gained employment as a nurse under the name "Meg Masters" in order to watch over Castiel.
  • Four Unnamed Demons (deceased) - Posed as security guards, a patient and an orderly. They were killed by Castiel.

Known PatientsEdit

SPN 0974

Sam at the hospital.

  • Sam Winchester - Admitted after being hit by a car, and then diagnosed as suffering from a psychotic episode. Discharged after Castiel takes on his psychosis.
  • Marin - A young woman who is suicidal and is admitted after she suffers burns from a fire she presumably lit.
  • Castiel - Admitted after he takes on Sam's psychosis, caused by his time in Hell. Eventually leaves after Dean banishes him, Hester and Inias and never comes back.


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