The Norse Pantheon is a group of gods and other creatures from Norse Mythology, that was leaded by their chief god Odin. As of 2018, it is unknown if there are any surviving members left.

Known MembersEdit

Baldur (deceased)Edit

Baldur was one of the Deities who met with the other deities to try to work out a way to stop the Apocalypse. He was killed by the archangel Lucifer after trying to stop him.

Fenrir (demigod, deceased)Edit

Fenrir, also called Fenris, is a demigod and a son of Loki. He was worshipped by the Maw of Fenris, a cult of werewolves that believed he would lead them to world domination. He was killed by the archangel Gabriel.

Hel (tie-in novels only)Edit

Hel is the goddess of death.

Jörmungandr (mentioned only)Edit

Jörmungandr also known as the Midgard Serpent. Odin said that when the world comes to an end, Jörmungandr rises up.

Loki (deceased)Edit

Loki is a Trickster god and the son of Odin. After the death of his father, he blamed the archangel Gabriel for it and with the help of his sons sold him to the demon Asmodeus. Years later, Gabriel killed him out of revenge.

Narfi (demigod, deceased)Edit

Narfi is a demigod and a son of Loki. He was killed by he archangel Gabriel

Odin (deceased)Edit

Odin is the leader of the Norse Pantheon and the father of Loki

Sleipnir (demigod, deceased)Edit

Sleipnir is a demigod and a son of Loki. He was killed by he archangel Gabriel

Thor (status unknown)Edit

Thor is the god of thunder, storms, lightning, strength, hallowing, fertility, oak trees and protection of mankind.

Vanir (deceased)Edit

Vanir is a fertility god of wisdom and future. They grant wishes and miracles in return for human sacrifice.

Vili (deceased)Edit

Vili is a god who held the finger of the frost giant Ymir. He was killed by Thor's Hammer.


Ymir is a frost giant.


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