Nora Havelock is a witch who uses only white magic.


Nora led Sam and Dean to the possessed Jeffrey four years ago while they were searching for the demon Lilith. They used Jeffrey's demon for interrogation on Lilith's location.

Season 7

In the present, the demon they exorcised seems to have returned, and appears to be killing again. Nora has a mail order white magic business, and has painted a devil's trap on the floor. Nora suggests Sam and Dean go speak with Jeffrey, as the demon might have gone back to him. However, Jeffrey is the real culprit in the murders, and has lured Sam and Dean back to town because he enjoyed being possessed, and needs Dean's blood to summon his demon. He has kidnapped Nora's son, and is forcing her to help him. Sam is able to convince her to oppose Jeffrey for her son's sake. They track Jeffrey down; he has summoned the demon that previously possessed him and it is possessing Nora's son. The demon becomes stuck in a devil's trap and Nora exorcises it, saving her son.

Powers and Abilities

Nora is a low-level and not particularly powerful witch.

  • White Magic - She had knowledge of spell-work in some degree - dealing with herbs and producing talismans to sell in her wiccan store. She also knew about summoning and tracking spells.
  • Exorcism - She was successfully proficient at performing an exorcism on Jeffrey's Demon



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