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Nora is a friend of Gary Frankle and Trevor. Like them, she practiced magic and helped them with Gary's plan. Although her reason for joining the coven may not solely be witchcraft practice but because of Gary.


Season 5[]

The plan started when Gary drew a picture of Dean's face, and heard about the bounty Hell had on him. So when Gary took over Sam's body, she and Trevor watched over Gary's body with Sam in it. They run into Gary's body at school, and the guy inside Gary is asking for Gary's locker number. As he leaves the school, they follow him and try to stop him, until Trevor tranquilizes him.

The demon possessing Nora

They bring him to Trevor's house, and tie him up. As they tell Sam about Gary's plan, Nora drops in how Gary is a genius, which gives Sam a hint that Nora likes Gary. As Sam talks about what is going to happen, Nora begins to believe Sam, but Trevor stops her before she can do anything. When Trevor summons a demon, it possesses Nora and kills Trevor. The demon is later exorcised from Nora by Dean and Gary.

Later, Nora, a bit shell-shocked, watches as Gary reverses the spell he cast to switch bodies with Sam. Dean and Sam drive Nora and Gary to Gary's house where Sam tells Gary that Nora isn't into witchcraft because she likes Lucifer but because she likes Gary and pushes him to start a relationship with her.[1]



  • She is the first witch to be named Nora. The second is Nora Havelock.
  • She was the only member of the coven to have shown no magic.