I've had a good life... thanks to you. Very few of the world's secrets I haven't cracked. It seemed worth a soul... at the time.
— Noel to Crowley
in Hell's Angel

Noel was an adventurer and treasure hunter. He was also Crowley's client ten years ago (approx. 2006)


Ten years ago, Noel made a deal with Crowley for all the knowledge in the world. With this knowledge, he traveled around the world and by his knowledge he hunted many treasures and collected them all for himself.

At some point, Noel came into possession of the Horn of Joshua after unearthing it from An-Nafud desert in Saudi Arabia. Ten years after the deal was signed, Noel realized the gift was not worth it. He became sick. He summons Crowley so they can trade the horn for the cancellation of Noel's contract.

After Crowley sees the horn, he snaps the contract, but also snaps Noel's neck and takes the horn for himself. Crowley also kills all of his guards by controlling them to friendly-fire.



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