Honestly, it's not like I enjoy eating people. It's a lonely way to live, and there's only so many ways you can cook human. But... sometimes fate is cruel and boring, am I right?
Noah Ophis
in Ouroboros

Noah Ophis is a Gorgon that went about a killing spree and evaded Team Free Will.


Noah went about a killing spree of humans by devouring them and using the foresight granted to him from consuming eyes of his victims, he was able to see hunters Sam and Dean coming after him and always evaded their efforts to confront him.

Noah made his way to a truck depot where he coerced a man into giving him a lift but paralyzes him. Using the glimpse of the future he saw, Noah left a note to Dean and told him that he saw him reading it the next day. He informed Dean that he saw him with Sam and Rowena before telling him to back off.

Ouroboros 08

Noah confronted by Jack

With his latest victim, Noah tortures the pleading man and soon paralyzes him. He prepares to make the man his next meal until he hears the door, he is surprised to see Castiel and Jack. He realized his powers didn't work since they aren't human and clarifies he is a demigod to Jack when called a monster. Noah taunts Jack on now seeing his power before comparing him to the black snake and chicken. He then fights the duo and manages to overpower them before paralyzing Castiel. Noah then overpowers Jack and knocks him away until Sam and Dean arrive.

Surprised at meeting the hunter formally, Noah greets Dean who attacks him but is knocked aside along with Sam. Noah then grabs Dean and bashes his head on a counter, knocking him out. With the hunters occupied, Noah uses the opportunity to escape but is promptly beheaded by Jack, who slipped away and ends his killing spree.

Powers and Abilities

As a Gorgon, Noah was a powerful demigod.

  • Super Strength - As a gorgons Noah possessed an incredible degree of strength, able to fight and defeat a wingless Seraphim with relative ease. He effortlessly knocked aside the skilled hunters Sam and Dean.
  • Immortality - Being a demigod, he could of lived forever.
  • Precognition - By devouring the eyes of his victims, Noah gained great foresight and predicts the future. Noah was creative in using this ability, as he conducted a killing spree and used his powers to elude pursuing hunters and escape them without them ever seeing him. He could also predict a person's fate. However, this power was limited to humans and he could not see Castiel or Jack even when Castiel was standing next to Dean during an event that Noah predicted. He claimed that he could foresee Jack's fate however when Jack was standing before him, though he may have been lying to buy time.
  • Snake Communication - Noah was able to understand and talk to a snake.
  • Immunity - As a Gorgon, Noah possessed a kind of immunity that limited only to protect him against supernatural means like angelic powers.
  • Paralyzing Venom - Gorgons possess a powerful paralyzing venom, the source of the myth about their turning people to stone. This venom is so potent that it can even affect a wingless Seraphim.
  • Telepathy - Noah showed the ability to read the mind of one of his victims and taunt him with his thoughts as the man attempted to deny what was happening to him.
  • Invulnerability - He could only be killed by being decapitated with a silver blade.


As a gorgon, he had few weaknesses.

  • Gorgon's Poison Antidote - Rowena was able to produce a antidote that neutralizes the gorgon's poison effect using Anti-Venom, however this antidote apparently do not work on Angels/Seraphims.
  • Angelic Beings - Noah's precognition didn't work on them, as he couldn't foresee Castiel (a Seraphim) and Jack's (a Nephilim) arrival.
    • Nephilims - Besides being immune to Noah's precognition, Jack could also cure Castiel's poisoning after Rowena's Antidote didn't worked to stop the paralisys in a Seraphim.
  • Decapitation with a Silver Blade - He could only be killed through decapitation with a silver blade.



  • He is one of the few monsters to be killed by Jack.
    • He is the first deity Jack killed.
  • His family name, Ophis, is Greek for "serpent", matching with his snake-like theme.
  • He is one of the few beings to overpower all of Team Free Will on his own.
  • He is the first being killed by Jack on-screen using a method other than Jack's powers.
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