Noah is a wealthy oil tycoon who became rich after his daughter sold her soul for money. He seems to have a strained relationship with his children but still loves them as shown when he watched his daughter get killed.


He was 71 years old and worth a billion dollars. He was going to marry his 5th wife, Ivanka, a lingerie model.

Overview Edit

After hearing the news of the death of his son-in-law, Carl Granville, Noah and his other family members all arrived at the farm to grieve the loss of Carl with Alice Cassity, his widow daughter. Gathering around the dinner table, Noah and the others discuss with one another about each other's problems and secrets which leads to everyone feeling awkward. Then they reminiscent about the last time they all had a meal together which leads Sam to discover that Crowley is involved in the case. Sam notices Noah and Margie headed out to the woods with rifles to hunt the beast that killed Carl, and offers to lend his expertise in assisting because he knows they are actually hunting a hellhound. During the hunt, Noah witnesses his daughter being attacked by the hellhound which causes Sam to take him back to the farm.

After being restrained to the couch, Noah and the others question why Sam and Dean are doing this and the boys tell them that they have involved themselves in a demon deal and that one of them sold their soul to Crowley. After no-one confesses to who sold their soul, Dean leaves to go hunt down the hellhound while Sam stays for further questioning. Noah and the others bicker with each other to who sold whose soul.

After Sam killed the hellhound, Noah and the others were released.


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