The Niveus Pharmaceuticals logo in a corporate meeting room.

Niveus Pharmaceuticals was a pharmaceutical company that was essential to Lucifer's plans in the apocalypse. It was headed by Pestilence and manned by several demons. Together, they planned to introduce the Croatoan virus to wipe out humanity.



Two researchers of the Niveus Pharmaceuticals.

Niveus Pharmaceuticals employed several researchers. The company held its own tests with animals such as monkeys. Its website indicated the company had branches worldwide and was part of a larger group called Niveus International. Niveus Pharmaceuticals had its own warehouse storages and its own crew for product deliveries.


Upon the rise of the horseman Pestilence, a swine flu epidemic was raised. In response to this, the public demand for vaccines greatly increased. Vaccines were manufactured and were planned to be distributed. However, a demon in the guise of a janitor infiltrated the pharmaceutical company and inoculated the Croatoan virus on the workers. Eventually, the entire company was taken over and the vaccines were contaminated with the virus.

Pestilence and the demons, led by Brady, organized the dissemination of the vaccines. However, on the day of the shipment, they were thwarted by the combined efforts of Sam, Bobby and Castiel.


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