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Nikolai Lishin was a popular self-proclaimed psychic of Lily Dale.


While at a restaurant in Lily Dale, Sam and Dean meet a woman who stops at their table and recognizes them as the brothers who went on a murder spree a couple weeks back. However, Sam and Dean manage to calm her by saying they aren't them and that they simply look alike. This prompts Nikolai to come and apology to Sam and Dean for the woman, who is his friend, telling them that, as a Russian, he can easily spot the law and he knows they are there to investigate the recent deaths. Nikolai then introduces himself to Sam and Dean, offering his services to help in any way as he is "highly intuitive." When Sam questions if he is Nikolai Lishin the spoon bender, Nikolai picks up Sam’s spoon, makes a hand motion over the spoon trying to psychically bend it. After he seemingly fails to do so, he invites Sam and Dean to his demonstration at the festival, offering to teach them how to harness the power of their mind, before he and his lady friend walk to their table. After he departs, the spoon he attempted to bend is mysteriously bent, seemingly by itself, which annoys Sam and baffles Dean.

Later, at his place, Nikolai is sitting on the couch with a beer and he empties a bag of silverware onto the coffee table, practicing psychically bending them for his demonstration. He holds out his fingers and waves them, then picks up a fork. Frustrated, he rubs it and then forcibly bends it manually. Suddenly, it unbends, which shocks him. The lights begin to flicker, the electronics crackle, and mysterious whispers are heard. As Nikolai looks down at the coffee table, he is alarmed to see all the silverware standing straight up. He jumps up and takes a few steps away from the table. As the temperature drops, he is lifted off the ground by an invisible force and is suspended above the coffee table, before dropping down onto it, impaling him with all the silverware.

When Sam confronts Jimmy Tomorrow about the kills after the latter tricked him, Jimmy reveals he sent Margaret Fox to kill Nikolai and the other "psychics" for being frauds and more successful than he is, a situation Margaret could relate with, having dealt with it in life.