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Nightmare is the eleventh episode of Supernatural: The Animation. It is a remake of the TV Series' season 1 episode of the same name.


Sam has a premonition in which a man is killed, but the murder is made to look like a suicide. Sam convinces Dean that they must investigate the case, but the two are puzzled when they fail to find anything that indicates that the death was supernatural in nature.


Sam has a vision of a man named Jim Miller getting killed, so he urges Dean to rush to Jim's location. They find him inside a bar, full of drunk people. Eventually, Jim does indeed die in what appears to be a suicide.

The brothers decide to visit Jim's house, where they meet his son, Max.

Max describes his father as a "plain, ordinary guy" who drank a lot, often to the point of passing out. Sam shows sympathy for his loss and asks him how things are at the house, while Dean comforts Max's crying mother.

Sam and Dean talk to Max's former neighbor.

Since the brothers find nothing supernatural such as ghosts, they decide to leave. Against Dean's wishes, Sam visits the Miller family's old house, where they once lived five years ago, and ask questions with a former neighbor.

The old woman reveals that Max suffered severe beatings from his father due to his drunken rage. Max suffered from this everyday and received bruises. The old woman was driven to the call the police a couple of times, but Max's stepmother always lied, telling the police that everything was fine.

Sam is surprised that the woman they met was Max's stepmother, and the old woman reveals Max's real mother died in a fire when Max was just a baby. This seems to trigger a vision in Sam, who witnesses Max killing his stepmother in retaliation for the years of constant neglect.

As Dean drives back to Max's house, Sam expresses his belief that he and Max are alike, which is why they are connected. He uses their similar pasts as a reference. Dean however, is furious at the notion and tells Sam that Max is just a murderer and is no different from any monster they hunt.

Sam pleads with Dean to let him deal with the situation, believing that Max would understand if they talked to him. Dean relents, but only if he carries a gun, since now they know they're up against someone with telekinesis.

They arrive at the house just in time to stop Max from stabbing his stepmother in the eye. Sam takes Max to his room, where Max explains some of the horrible things his father did to him, and what happened to his mother. The story is identical to what happened to Mary Winchester, leading Sam to fully believe they are connected, for they are the same.

Max however, chooses not to believe he can be saved, and ends up taking Dean's gun and holding his stepmother at gun point. Sam sees this event from a vision and gets there before Max can kill Dean. He tries to talk Max out of murder and encourages him to have faith in himself, and while Max tearfully agrees to spare the people in the room, he turns the gun on himself and shoots.

Later on, Sam is patched up and is contemplating about The Demon, the one who killed both Max's and his and Dean's mothers, and believes The Demon is after him, but Dean refuses to let him think about it. Dean orders a meal from a drive-thru and encounters a woman he met at the bar where Jim died.

As they drive off, the woman warns them of an impending storm, much to their confusion. The woman's eyes then glow yellow. She promises in an echoing voice that she will meet Sam again soon.



  • Azazel does not appear in the TV series version of this episode.
  • Azazel is also shown using a female vessel. In all of his TV appearances, Azazel has so far only been shown possessing male vessels.