Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is a reality star as well as the vessel for a crossroad demon.


Season 9Edit

When Sam and Dean can't get a hold of Crowley through the phone, they decide to summon a crossroads demon to get information on his whereabouts. After painting a devil's trap in the middle of a crossroads Sam does the summoning ritual, and to the surprise of both Sam and Dean the demon arrives wearing Snooki as a meatsuit. Snooki is uncooperative to the Winchesters line of questioning which leads to Sam threatening her with Ruby's knife, continuing to feign ignorance, they finally get answers by telling her if Abaddon gets control of Hell, she'll be out of a job, and that they will just leave her in the devil's trap. She tells the Winchesters that Crowley was last seen somewhere in western Pacific, and that his absence is bringing more followers to Abaddon, who plans on making her move to take Hell soon. Satisfied, Sam begins to exorcise the demon from Snooki, much to the demon's dismay.[1]


  • Upon the demon appearing in the form of Snooki, Dean jokes that her being a demon "makes so much sense."



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