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Neville Stein was a deceased schoolteacher mentioned in Supernatural: Witch's Canyon.


Neville was a schoolteacher who taught around a dozen kids who lived on the Copper Bell Ranch in the early 1920s. Among his students was Harmon Baird. Neville was also an amateur historian, meeting with old cowboys and other people to record the history of the Copper Bell Ranch for the book he was writing on it, an effort he undertook for twelve years. Many people believed Neville to be crazy as no one would want to read it, but Neville was undeterred and recorded many oral histories, including the story of Elizabeth Claire Marbrough and her revenge plot. After Neville asked a cowboy's sister out on a date in around 1923 or 1924, he was shot in the face and murdered by the cowboy. After his death, no one wanted his notes and they were left abandoned in his old schoolhouse in Witch's Canyon.

In 2006, Neville was resurrected as part of the Forty Year and encountered the now-ninety one year old Harmon Baird who killed him once again. The next day, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester enquired about anyone who may have written about the history of the Copper Bell Ranch and Harmon told them about Neville, his book, his murder and his brief resurrection. After realizing that Neville's notes may still be in his ruined schoolhouse and could hold the key to stopping the Forty Year, the Winchesters and Baird travel there. In the ruins of the schoolhouse, the three are able to unearth Neville's damaged but still intact notes and pour over them for clues. From Neville's notes, the Winchesters finally learn the source of the Forty Year which enables them to later stop it with a counterspell. Before leaving the schoolhouse, Sam suggests sending someone back to retrieve Neville's notes for preservation later as they are too damaged to move safely at once, but it is unknown if it is ever done.


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