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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

Neteru are zombie-like soulless guardian. They are created from reanimated dead corpse through Jakkal bite.


In desperate time, a jakkal can create neteru to assist them. Once neteru raised, they appear like a soulless corpse with crimson eyes.

They are completely mindless and only obey the jakkal that made them.

Neteru only have short lifespan, with maximum life span around 12 hours from their rise. Once their time was up, they will returned to dead again.

When under Anubis direct control, they are very enhanced.

Power and Abilities

  • Super Strength - Neteru are quite powerful physically to over power full grown human.
  • Partial Invulnerability - Neteru are partially invulnerable against most harms. Neteru can be harmed by silver or gold, but the weapon made from these materials should hit their brain to effect. Even their brain damaged, they still able to recover and only slow them down briefly before resuming to attack again. However, they still killable, albeit it require more efforts to kill them. It require body obliteration to completely put them down.


  • Stronger Beings - Jakkals are superior to them. By default, they only submitted under their respective Jakkals. Deities or any supernatural beings superior than Jakkals can override Jakkals control over them. Anubis can override Jakkals control over them.
  • Brain Damage - Brain damage can slow them down. Both silver bullet and gold knife can be used to kill them, as long the attack should hit their brain, otherwise it poses no effect to them. However, they fastly recover. It is unknown if Anubis power also contribute to their amazing regenerative ability.
  • Body Obliteration - The only way to completely kill them. Garth able to broke their spines and ripped their heart, completely oblirate them brutally, effectively killed them.


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