Nephilim is a hybrid creature born from an angel and human. Castiel stated that creating a Nephilim is forbidden; however, Metatron revealed in "Clip Show" that there was one existing on Earth. Metatron viewed this Nephilim as an abomination due to her existence being outlawed.

A Nephilim has glowing eyes like an angel, although her glow is somewhat dim and grayish in color as opposed to the bright white or bluish-white glow of regular angels. It is unknown if a Nephilim requires a vessel (as angels do), or if she gained her body from conception.

Powers & Abilities

  • Supernatural Perception - A Nephilim can perceive the true form of angels without harm.
  • Super Strength - Nephilim bear enough strength to toss low-level angels around. One was able to throw around a wounded Seraphim.
  • Enhanced Durability - A Nephilim possesses high tolerance for pain and could withstand attacks from a high-ranking angel like the Seraphim Castiel.


  • Angel Blade - The only Nephilim in existence was killed by an angel blade.
  • The Colt - The Colt can kill almost anything in existence.


  • The first part of a spell to expel all angels from Heaven is to "cut out the heart" of a nephilim.
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