A Nephilim is a child that is born from an angel and human.

They are viewed as an abomination by angels. According to Metatron, there was only one Nephilim left in existence. She passed herself off as a waitress in a restaurant in Ojai. A Nephilim has glowing eyes like an angel, although its glow was somewhat dim, and grayish in color, as opposed to the white or bluish white glow of regular angels. It is unknown if they required vessels like other angels, or if the human body she had has always been hers from her conception.

Killing a Nephilim is the first step in creating a spell to expel all angels from Heaven.

Powers and Abilities

  • Supernatural Perception - A Nephilim can perceive the true form of angels without harm.
  • Super Strength - Nephilim bear enough strength to toss low-level angels around. One was able to throw around a wounded Seraphim.
  • Enhanced Durability - A Nephilim possesses high tolerance for pain and could withstand attacks from a high-ranking angel like the Seraphim Castiel.


  • Angel Blade - The only Nephilim in existence was killed by an angel blade.
  • The Colt - The Colt can kill almost anything in existence.
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