I thought when you showed up with that ridiculous historic society story, you -- he -- was testing me, making sure I kept up my end of the bargain. (...) Find somewhere quiet, set up shop, kill as many hunters as I can. (...) You think... I'm the only one? The only trap? He made dozens of us, just out there, waiting for you and your family.
— Neil explains his purpose to Dean.
in Nightmare Logic

Neil was a djinn who was enhanced by the Apocalypse World version of Michael and set up as a trap for hunters.


Following the arrival of Michael in the Main Universe, he set out to create an army of monsters enhanced by angel grace. One such monster, he encountered and enhanced was Neil who he ordered to set himself up as a trap for hunters coming to investigate Neil's kills.

Neil set himself up in the home of Patrick Rawling, using his powers to put the man into a coma that was the apparent result of a stroke. Neil posed as Patrick's nurse and used his enhanced powers to read people's minds for their greatest fears and bring manifestations of them to life. In this way, Neil was able to kill an investigating hunter while draining Patrick's blood under the guise of blood transfusions.

After one of Neil's manifestations of Patrick was encountered by teenagers in the family crypt, Maggie came to investigate what she believed was a ghoul sighting on her first solo case. Maggie was ambushed by the Patrick manifestation and taken to the house attic where Neil began draining her blood as well. Neil created manifestations of Apocalypse World vampires, Maggie's greatest fear due what the vampires had done to her family.

Maggie's disappearance drew the attention of Sam and Dean Winchester who came to search for their missing friend, posing as members of the historical society, unaware that Bobby Singer and their mother were doing the exact same thing. Neil was surprised to see Dean who was the vessel of Michael when Neil had met the archangel and came to believe that the visit was a test by Michael to see how well he was doing. Neil was able to avoid suspicion while his manifestations attacked the Winchesters and Bobby.

As Sam rescued Maggie and Bobby and Mary fought a manifestation of Bobby's son, Dean noticed the rig that Neil was using to steal Patrick's blood and questioned him about it. Though Neil claimed a blood transfusion was beneficial, Dean recognized it as the same rig he was once hooked up to and realized that Neil was a djinn. Dean ordered Patrick's daughter out as she realized his intention. Drawing his gun, Dean confronted Neil who made his tattoos reappear and confirmed that he was a djinn, but thought Dean had already known. Neil explained that he'd thought Dean was Michael testing him and was surprised to learn that Dean was no longer Michael. Neil told Dean how Michael had given him an upgrade on his powers in exchange for Neil setting himself up as a trap for hunters. Neil explained about his new powers from Michael and about the nightmares Patrick, Maggie and Bobby had, taking enjoyment in taunting Dean over Bobby's nightmares.

As Neil continued to advance on him, Dean demanded that he stop at gunpoint, but Neil was just amused as they both knew that the gun couldn't kill him and he doubted Dean had a silver knife dipped in lamb blood. Telling Neil that it would slow him down, Dean shot Neil in the left kneecap when he continued to advance, causing Neil a moment of pain but leaving him otherwise unharmed. Neil quickly disarmed Dean and pinned him up against a desk with one hand and promised that he wouldn't hurt "Michael's favorite monkey suit," but attempted to discover what Dean's nightmares were. Neil attempted to read Dean's mind, only to disengage in pain.

As Neil was left in shock, Dean slammed him headfirst into the desk, stunning him and beating Neil to the ground. Lacking a silver blade dipped in lamb's blood, Dean decided to improvise and grabbed a heavy metal bookend and smashed Neil in the head with it three times. Bloody, Neil taunted Dean that Michael had set up dozens of similar traps just waiting for Dean and his family. As Neil laughed, Dean smashed him in the head again with the bookend, killing Neil. Dean then retrieved his gun and fired several shots into Neil's head to ensure that he was actually dead.

With Neil dead, his poison's influence over Patrick ended and he regained consciousness. Taking Neil's final warning to heart, the Winchesters spread the word to other hunters about Michael's traps.

Powers and Abilities

Djinn -- what powers do we really have? Trapping our little flies, weaving our poisonous webs inside people's minds. It's all so... limiting. Now one touch -- I read minds, see nightmares. And because of him, because of you, I can bring those nightmares into the world -- make them do whatever I want.
— Neil tells Dean about his enhanced powers.
in Nightmare Logic

As a djinn, Neil was a powerful monster in his own right before Michael enhanced his powers to even greater heights.

  • Hallucinogenic Touch - A djinn's main ability is by touching someone, they can induce a series of delusions on the mind of their target, typically causing them to enter in an unconscious, dream-like state. Inside it, a person can re-live their deepest dreams and desires, over and over again, akin to an endless loop while the djinn feeds off of their victim. Due to Neil's enhanced powers, he doesn't use this ability anymore besides to keep Patrick Rawling in a comatose state. After Neil's death, his effect on Patrick wore off and he regained consciousness.
    • Pyrokinesis - When a djinn activates their hallucination ability or feeding on their victims they form blue psychic-flames around their hand. During his attempt to read Dean's mind, the blue fire appeared around Neil's arm.
  • Telepathy - Djinn can read people's minds and learn their greatest desires or fears. Neil's enhanced abilities enabled him to read a person's greatest fears simply by touching them and he can also see nightmares.
  • Conjuration - Due to his enhanced powers, Neil could bring manifestations of his victims' greatest fears to life to attack them and control the manifestations which could only be destroyed by being stabbed in the heart.
  • Super Strength - Djinn are notably stronger than humans, able to easily overpower them. Neil was easily able to overpower Dean and strangle him up against a desk with one hand with Dean unable to break free until Neil was caught by surprise when Dean suddenly proved immune to his powers.
  • Super Speed - Djinn can move incredibly fast, able to suddenly appear and ambush others.
  • Invulnerability - Djinn can only be killed by a silver knife dipped in lamb blood, or extreme brain damage. When Dean shot Neil in the leg, he reacted with brief pain before quickly recovering and attacking Dean.
  • Shapeshifting - Djinn can change their form to pass as humans. Neil was able to shift his features so his face took on his normal tattooed appearance while the rest of his body remained the same.
  • Immortality - Djinn possess a longer life span than humans and can potentially live forever.
  • Super Agility - Djinn are more agile than humans.


You know, I don't have a blade dipped in lamb's blood... but I can improvise.
Dean about to bash Neil's brains in.
in Nightmare Logic

Despite his enhanced abilities, Neil apparently retained all of the weaknesses of a regular djinn.

  • Silver and lamb blood - Neil implied that like a regular djinn, he could be killed by a silver knife dipped in lamb blood.
  • Extreme Brain Damage - Dean was able to kill Neil by bashing his head in with a heavy metal bookend.



  • Neil is Dean's first kill since Michael left his body in Gods and Monsters.
  • Given his fear-based powers, Neil may have been part of the "bastard off-shoot" species of djinn that Jennifer O'Brien and her son belonged to.
  • Dean shooting Neil several times after he was already dead is similar to how Dean did the same thing to the shapeshifter Olivia in Season 10's Ask Jeeves. In both cases, the monster is the first thing Dean has killed after returning from not being himself, but with Olivia, Dean may have been under the influence of the Mark of Cain. With Neil, Dean was just genuinely making sure he was dead.
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