Necromancy is the ability to summon and control things that are dead, or other types of creatures. One of the uses of this is reanimation, which is aimed at creating zombies.

The earliest known ritual for this purpose was recorded in Ancient Greece.

Characters With This AbilityEdit


A resurrected Angela.

  • Samhain - Samhain, the origin of Halloween, can summon ghosts, monsters, and even demons (of lesser power), to do his will. As Sam, an experienced hunter puts it, he, essentially, can eventually control everything he and Dean ever fought.[1]
  • Osiris - Osiris, the Egyptian god of death, could summon ghosts and cause them to do as he commands.
  • Death - When he, under the instruction of Lucifer, resurrected people, they became ravenous soon after.


Necromancers are dark magic users who employ their supernatural knowledge to summon and control the dead.


Karen Singer resurrected.

  • Jimmy Tomorrow - TBA.
  • Neil - Brought back Angela Mason, who became a zombie with normal intelligence, sociopathic personality, super strength, and regeneration.
  • Colonel Eckhart - A Thule Leader. He was a strong necromancer, being able to automatically revive himself if he is killed and not age, though burning his body will kill him permanently.
  • Torvald - A Thule, who has the same powers as Eckhart.
  • Nauhaus - A Thule who had the same powers as Eckhart.
  • Jamie Plum and Jennie Plum - They somewhat succeeded in bringing their mother from the dead using a spell from the Black Grimoire.
  • Harper Sayles - Hailing from a family of necromancers, she brought her boyfriend back to life and had him feed on would be suitors to maintain his form.
  • Jack Kline - After accidentally killing Mary Winchester, Jack tried to bring her back using the spell Necromantiorum from Book of the Damned, however since there was no body, the spell failed and only produced a clothed replica of Mary's body incapable of holding any life.



  • The Thules practiced, experimented and attempted to perfect necromancy to the point that their subjects were not simply enslaved or summoned spirits or mindless zombies, but actual resurrected humans.
  • According to Rowena MacLeod, necromancy is a delicate art, unpredictable even under ideal circumstances.[2]


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