Rowena: You sure you're a demon?

Nebbishy Demon: Y-you can be damned and a conscientious worker.

— Rowena and the demon

The Nebbishy Demon is a demon loyal to both Crowley and Rowena.


This demon is called to Rowena's room. Rowena first expresses her concern with the "tough job" the demon has. The demon replies he's okay with it because it makes him happy to do his part. This makes Rowena question if he really is a demon.

Rowena begins talking about how, last year, the Winchester brothers had taken her son captive. She wishes to know where they had kept him, by having this demon trace a call Crowley made from that location.

The demon complies since Rowena is the "queen mother". The demon reaffirms that Crowley did make a call, but he can only track it to a 10-mile radius. Rowena accepts this.


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