Nate Mulligan was a businessman from San Francisco.

Background Edit

Nate is at a local bar and gets drunk. Madison with her friends are sitting at a table having cocktails and laughing. Nate walks over to her. Making it very obvious that he's trying to hit on her, he asks her to come back to the office with him. Madison knows that he's had too much to drink and calls him a cab and says she'll see him tomorrow.

The next morning at work Madison starts brewing a pot of coffee. While filling up the pot with water, she notices a patch of smeared blood on the door of her boss's office. She walks in to find Nate lying dead on top of his desk covered in blood. She drops the coffee pot on the floor and screams hysterically.

Sam poses as the local detective investigating the death of Nate. Nate's body appears to have one massive bite mark running down his chest. Off the record, the medical coroner says that if she didn't know any better, she'd have to say he was bitten by a wolf. She also says that his heart was missing.

It is later revealed that he was killed by Madison, who was a werewolf and who had no control over her werewolf side. She would black out during full moons and she would kill those her subconscious perceived as a threat. Due to Nate constantly hitting on Madison her subconscious perceived him as a threat.


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