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Narfi was a Norse demigod and the son of Loki.


At one point, Narfi was friends with the archangel Gabriel alongside his father Loki and his brothers Fenrir and Sleipnir.

In 2010, Gabriel approached Loki and his family for help hiding after faking his death at Lucifer's hands at the Elysian Fields Hotel. The four agreed and allowed Gabriel to party with them. However, enraged by the death of Odin at Lucifer's hands, something that he blamed Gabriel for, Loki turned on Gabriel. Loki had his sons bind Gabriel while he was sleeping and sell Gabriel to the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.

In 2018, Gabriel escaped from Asmodeus' custody and came after Loki and his family for revenge. Gabriel was able to kill Fenrir, though he was injured in the process. Narfi and Sleipnir discovered Fenrir's body afterwards and Narfi was displeased with his brother's disrespect towards Fenrir. After tasting Gabriel's blood, Narfi identified it as coming from an archangel and the brothers realized what it mean. Quickly, Sleipnir informed Loki of the situation.

Narfi and Sleipnir managed to track Gabriel to the Winchester's motel room. Displaying a holographic image of his true form, Narfi demanded Gabriel who identified the two to the Winchesters. During the fight that followed, Narfi attacked Sam Winchester, quickly subduing him and then strangling Sam from behind as Sleipnir fought Dean. As Narfi continued to strangle Sam, he was stabbed through the heart from behind by Gabriel with one of his swords, killing Narfi and scaring off Sleipnir.

Following Narfi's death, the Winchesters broke into a junkyard and disposed of Narfi's body in a car crusher.

Powers and Abilities[]


Narfi appeared to be a god with mildly powerful abilities.

  • Astral Projection - Narfi revealed his true face, appearing as a skull head in an astral form before he attacked Sam.
  • Immortality - Narfi was thousands of years old and would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As a god, Narfi was invulnerable to most forms of harm.
  • Super Senses - By tasting blood on the ground, Narfi was able to detect that it belonged to an archangel. He apparently was able to use it to track down Gabriel.
  • Super Strength - As a god, Narfi possessed an immense degree of strength. He effortlessly overpowered and strangled Sam Winchester during a fight.
  • Magic - Narfi was able to capture Gabriel using a spell.


  • Archangels - At full power, Gabriel could easily kill Narfi.
  • One of Gabriel's swords - Stabbing the sword specifically created for Narfi through his heart was able to kill Narfi.



  • Narfi was second on Gabriel's death list.
  • Narfi appears to be homosexual or bisexual as he was seen enjoying the company of male porn stars when Gabriel was staying with him and his brothers as shown when Gabriel tells the Winchesters his story.
  • Michael Adamthwaite also played the security guard Bill that Charlie Bradbury flirted with in The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo.
  • Narfi was described by Gabriel as more of a 'god-begotten monster' than an actual Norse deity i.e. a God-Monster hybrid.
  • Narfi's skull-liked visage is most likely a reference to Narfi's name, which is similar to the Old Norse word for corpse

In Lore[]

  • Narfi, or Nari, was a son of Loki who was torn apart and whose innards were used to bind Loki to the rock in the cave.