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This unnamed woman is the recurring vessel of the angel Naomi.


At some point in the past, Naomi took this woman as her vessel, long enough ago that Crowley recognized her immediately despite not having seen Naomi in "a dark age" when she manifested on Earth following Castiel escaping with the Angel Tablet. Naomi used her vessel in the rare occasions she came to Earth to directly interact with the Winchesters and Castiel, using her to try to form an alliance with Dean, helping get Bobby Singer's soul into Heaven, capturing Metatron and warning Dean and Castiel about Metatron's true plan. This vessel apparently died with Naomi when Metatron murdered her.

Several years later, Naomi was revealed to have survived Metatron's attack on her. Naomi had kept her vessel though she had changed her attire and hair style in the years since her "death." Naomi briefly used her vessel to return to Earth with Castiel before sealing the Heavenly Portal behind her as she returned to Heaven.


  • Before Naomi appeared on Earth in Goodbye Stranger, it was unclear whether or not she actually had a vessel or if this was just the form she appeared in Heaven in.
  • Naomi may have been in this vessel for centuries if not millennia as Crowley recognized her when she appeared in one of Lucifer's Crypts in this form and he hadn't seen her "in a dark age."