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A Mythmaker is a human born with the power to bring gods to life for The Apotheosis.


During the various Apotheosizes, Mythmakers created the gods that came to life. At the end of each Apotheosis, the Mythmaker would be killed by the surviving god and their power absorbed as the god's final step in achieving true godhood.

In 2015, Renee Mendez became the Mythmaker for an Apotheosis occurring in Corinth, Illinois. Renee's power manifested through her painting the gods which then disappeared from the paper and manifested into reality. After days of creating gods, Renee finally finished with Flare and was then abducted by Adamantine's priest Geoffrey Ramsey.

As the final battle between Paeon and Adamantine raged, hunter Sam Winchester requested that Renee use her power as the Mythmaker to try to unmake the two gods and end the Apotheosis. Renee was able to use her power as the Mythmaker to strip them of much of their power, but the two had absorbed enough of their followers' life forces to survive. After killing Paeon, Adamantine tried to kill Renee and absorb her power to complete the Apotheosis, but was killed by Sam and Dean Winchester before she could.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mythmakers have powerful abilities related to their roles of creating new gods for the Apotheosis.

  • Reality Warping - Mythmakers warp reality in order to facilitate the Apotheosis.
    • Conjuration - Mythmakers create the gods for the Apotheosis out of their own imagination and they then come to life in various locations.
    • Power Negation - While unable to unmake two of her creations due to all of the life force they'd stolen from their worshipers, one Mythmaker was able to significantly reduce their power.


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