My Bloody Valentine is the 14th episode of Season 5. It aired on February 11th, 2010.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Castiel helps Sam and Dean hunt down Cupid (guest star Lex Medlin) on Valentine's Day after townspeople start to kill each other for love. However, after Cupid tells them he's innocent, they discover Famine (guest star James Otis), one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has arrived in town.



In a small town, Russell and Alice are finishing their first date. They've had a good time, and Russell asks her on another date on Valentine's Day. They kiss, tentatively at first, then more seriously. Then Alice backs away for a moment. They end up inside in the kitchen, undress and start kissing each other. They become increasingly frenzied and Alice bites him on the neck. She panics for a moment but Russell tells her it's okay. They start biting each other as the blood sprays across the room.

Dean and Sam arrive to investigate and Alice's roommate says that she found them, almost dead, but Russell was still chewing. She explains to Sam that Alice was a nice girl who never even drank or swore, and wore a promise ring. It was Alice's first date in months and she was excited.

Sam returns to the motel and tells Dean that there are no signs of ghosts or possessions at Alice's place. Dean has come back from the coroner and explains that both of the victims had "Thanksgiving dinner-full" stomachs. Sam says he'll close out their workday and tells Dean that he can head out to celebrate Valentine's Day, his favorite holiday, designated by him in years past as "unattached drifter Christmas." Dean, however, says he doesn't feel into it this year. Sam comments that it's when a dog doesn't eat that you know something is wrong. Dean notes his "remarkably patronizing concern," but insists that everything's okay and goes back to work.


Janice arrives.

At an office, Jim and Brad are working late but Jim is constantly checking his cell phone for his girlfriend, Janice. Brad figures that Jim is "whipped" and strongly advises him to focus on their project instead of a girl he's known for only about a week. However, a weeping Janice then shows up, insisting Jim can't choose work over her. Jim apologizes to her and says he won't. When Brad protests, Janice shoots him dead without even turning her head.


Janice shoots Brad on cue with his whuup-peeeshh! sound effect.

They realize that something will always keep them apart: work, family, sleep, and now probably prison, but Jim has an idea how to stay together forever. The two shoot themselves.


Sam and Dean go to the hospital to check out the bodies. In the hallway, they pass a tall balding man in a black suit carrying a briefcase and Sam very obviously senses something's wrong about him. Dean doesn't really notice the man but notices Sam's distress and asks if he's okay. Sam unconvincingly claims he's fine. They meet with the coroner, Dr. Corman, who leaves them alone to conduct their investigation.


Castiel confirms that the "angel scratches" on the lovers' hearts are a Cupid's mark of union.

They check over the organs and Sam notices that the victims' hearts have identical marks. He realizes the mark is an Enochian brand, like the tagging on their ribs. Dean calls Castiel, who immediately teleports in. He confirms that the marks are angelic, and represent a destined union. The marks are placed there by a Cupid, which is actually a lower order of angel, a cherub. Castiel figures that it's gone rogue and declares that they have to kill it before it kills again.

The trio go to a singles bar and order food. Castiel explains that Cupid will be drawn there by human reproductive urges, as he stares at the hamburger Dean ordered. Dean goes to take a bite, but then suddenly decides he's not hungry after all. Sam expresses disbelief.


Castiel unangelically pounces on Dean's unwanted burger.

Castiel then reaches over and takes Dean's plate since he's not going to eat and the boys look at him with shock on their faces. Castiel suddenly notices a change in the environment and says that Cupid is there. A couple starts passionately kissing and Castiel points out that they're who Cupid has struck. He tells the brothers to meet him in the back and teleports away. They go out and find Castiel seemingly facing empty air. He tells them that he's tethered the cherub and mutters an incantation to make it appear.


Dean experiences the handshake of a cupid.

A naked Cupid suddenly appears behind Dean and hugs him, lifting him into the air to the latter's discomfort. Giggling, he runs to embrace Castiel, and then hugs a protesting Sam as well. Dean questions this behavior Castiel explains that a hug is a cherub's handshake, and agrees with Dean that nobody likes it.

Once Cupid has settled down, he asks what they want. Castiel and Dean accuse him of making his targets murder each other and demand to know why he's doing it. A shocked Cupid bursts into tears and Castiel ends up trying to apologize.


Castiel is tasked with tending to Cupid's wounded feelings.

Cupid embraces his brother and says he doesn't know what happens to his targets, after he follows his orders. He invites Castiel to read his mind and confirm that he's innocent. Castiel does so and declares that he's telling the truth, much to Cupid's joy. When Dean asks whose orders he was following, Cupid explains that Heaven gave him his orders and that some relationships have a very high priority. He notes that the union of John and Mary Winchester was one of the special assignments, something that surprises the Winchesters. The Cupid that he wasn't the cupid that did it and it was not an easy one since they initially couldn't stand each other but after a cupid worked its magic the love was born. Dean explains they are both dead, the cupid apologizes as he says the orders were very clear that Sam and Dean needed to be born. When he gleefully declares they were the perfect couple when heaven was done with them, Dean's anger boils over and he punches him, to no effect except to upset him again (and injure himself), and he teleports away. Sam and Castiel wonder why he would punch a cherub; Dean replies that he punched "a dick." Exasperated, Sam asks if they're finally going to discuss what his problem has been lately, but Dean refuses and storms away.


Lester, ingester of Twinkies he could not digest.

Dr. Corman calls Sam to the morgue to alert him of another bizarre death. Lester Finch, a weight-loss surgery patient who formerly weighed 400 lbs., ate himself to death on a Twinkie binge. The doctor says after he blew out the band around his stomach and could no longer swallow, he shoved more Twinkies down his throat with a toilet brush. Dr. Corman, apparently finally affected by this latest suicide, pulls a flask from his lab coat and gulps as Sam looks on.

Outside, Sam calls Dean and tells him that Finch didn't bear the mark of union as the others did. Dean has checked the police blotter and confirmed there have been eight suicides and nineteen ODs in the last few days. They realize there's something more going on than just love. Sam appears to feel a sudden headache just before he sees the bald man in the suit that he and Dean passed in the hall earlier exiting the hospital.

Sam and the demon know each other by scent and reputation.

Sam is visibly disturbed by his presence, as he was the first time he saw him. He follows the man into an alleyway, jumps him and pins him against the wall. Sam sneers that he knows he's a demon because he could smell him. He cuts him on the cheek with the Ruby's knife to prove it. The demon hisses the word "Winchester". After a tussle and another cut of the knife, the demon manages to break free and run away, dropping his briefcase.

Sam feels a familiar pang.

Sam stands and watches the demon run, panting as though he's trying to pull out of a rage. He stares at the demon blood on the shiny knife and sees the eyes of something else reflecting back at him. He winces and then frantically wipes the blood off.

Sam takes the briefcase to the motel and he and Dean try to figure how demons are involved in what is happening.

The boys decide to open the case.

They carefully open the case and a bright white light bursts out. When it fades, Castiel appears and explains that it was a human soul. They're surprised to see that Castiel is eating voraciously from a sack from Big Frank's Burger Hut. The angel explains that his hunger is a clue that the entire town is not suffering from love-gone-wrong, but from starvation, specifically, Famine, as in the Horseman.

Castiel says his hunger is a clue that it's not all about love.

Sam says he thought famine meant starvation from food, but Castiel points out that Famine can apply not just to food but also to love, drugs, attention, or anything that people hunger for, making them rabid for it. Sam takes on a worrisome look. Dean doesn't understand why Cass is affected; since when do angels even eat? Castiel admits his vessel Jimmy's appetite for red meat has been activated by Famine. Then, Castiel takes on a revelationary tone:
And then will come Famine, riding on a black steed. He will ride into the land of plenty and great will be the Horseman's hunger, for he is hunger. His hunger will seep out and poison the air.
— {{{2}}}
As Castiel speaks, a black Cadillac Escalade pulls up to a Biggerson's restaurant. A second vehicle follows and a black-suited team emerges and removes an elderly man from the lead vehicle, places him in a motorized wheelchair, secures an oxygen supply to him, and escorts him inside.

Famine and his demon posse descend upon on Biggerson's.

Once he enters, the patrons inside begin gorging themselves on food, stealing money, eating drugs, heavy petting, etc. Castiel goes on to reveal that Lucifer has sent his demons to deliver to Famine the souls of those he's infected so he can devour them. The demons are caring for him to ensure he'll be ready to "march across the land." Dean realizes it was Lester "Twinky Guy" Finch's soul in the briefcase.


Famine catches a demon meal on the run.

The damage done at the restaurant, flies gather on the corpses. Famine looks up as the briefcase demon arrives and explains that Sam Winchester was at the hospital, they fought and he managed to grab Sam's motel key. Famine says, yes, that's good, but where is the soul of "the one who loves cream cakes so much?" The fearful demon admits that he lost the briefcase holding the soul to Sam and tries to leave to find another. But, Famine shouts that he's hungry now and pulls the demon's soul out of its vessel and consumes it. "Delicious." At the motel, the brothers wonder how they can stop Famine. Castiel asks how they stopped War, and Dean remembers that they took War's ring and forced him to flee. Castiel confirms that Famine has also a ring, as he continues eating. In the bathroom, Sam is breaking into sweats and breathing rapidly, struggling to keep control of himself. He finally emerges and confesses to Dean that he can't go because Famine has gotten to him—he's hungry for demon blood.

Dean wants Castiel to get Sam on the next beam out of Plainville.

Dean can't believe it and implores Castiel to teleport Sam away, but the angel says that it's too late and the infection will go with him. Dean is at a loss, but Sam tells him he has to "go cut that bastard's finger off" and get the ring, but insists that he lock him down first. Dean sadly obliges and then departs with Castiel.

At the hospital, Dean finds Corman's assistant Marty, who gives them the news: Dr. Corman, after 20 years of sobriety, went home that morning and drank himself to death. Castiel confirms that Famine is the culprit and that Corman's soul is still in his body. Dean figures they can use it as bait and follow the demons back to Famine.

As Dean stakes out the hospital in the Impala, Castiel teleports in with another bag of hamburgers and continues to eat, giddy with happiness. He wonders why Dean seems unaffected by hunger while everyone else in town has fallen prey to Famine. Dean reasons that he gets everything that he wants when he wants it, so he hungers for nothing. Castiel asks if he means he's just well-adjusted. God, no, Dean replies; he's just well fed. Just then, they spot a man come out of the hospital a with a briefcase and climb into an Escalade and they trail it.


Famine's demons arrive to collect Sam.

At the motel, Sam is in the throes of his craving and struggling to break free of the handcuffs Dean used to secure him to the bathroom sink. He hears the motel door open and the wardrobe blocking the bathroom door being moved and shakily calls out to the guys that he doesn't think whatever they've done has worked. He is amazed to see two demons enter the bathroom. The female demon says they have orders to deliver him alive, but she bets that they can "break off a few pieces" and motions for the male demon to take care the handcuffs.

Sam neutralizes his would-be captors, in turn.

Just as he breaks them, Sam punches him and sends him flying backwards across the room into the tub. Sam then pounces on the female demon, stabs her in the neck with a shard of glass and starts to drink her blood as she attempts to struggle. When the other demon attacks Sam from behind, he uses his demon-fueled powers to send him across the room again, and growls at him to wait his turn.

Dean and Castiel follow the demon to the restaurant and note the others at the entrance. Dean manages to get Castiel, preoccupied with now-empty hamburger wrappers, to again go over the plan: Castiel is to take the demon knife, teleport in, cut off Famine's ring hand and teleport back. Dean is clearly dubious of this plan, and after Castiel teleports away and doesn't return within a minute, decides it's taking too long. He slowly enters the darkened restaurant and finds Castiel has neglected the plan and is instead on his knees devouring a pan of raw meat among the dead patrons. The demons then find Dean, capture him, drag and restrain him before Famine. Castiel has dropped the knife and is too busy eating to retrieve it.


Famine taps Dean's soul to determine why he's not affected by him.

Famine says he's happy to be in America, where everyone wants more, all the time, but they are all still starving, because hunger comes from the soul, not just from from the body. Dean defiantly points out that he's not affected. Famine finds it curious that Dean can walk in his presence untouched and rolls close to him and presses his hand against Dean's chest, which causes him some pain. Famine notes that there's a deep, dark nothing inside of Dean that he can't fill. He can feel how broken and defeated Dean is, knowing that he can't win, yet he continues to go through the motions. He's not hungry because inside, he's already dead.


Sam arrives, fueled for a fight.

Sam arrives, his face still blood-stained, and growls "let him go." Dean is horrified at the sight of him and screams at him to stop. The demon entourage moves forward to accost him, but Famine tells the demons to stop; no one is to lay a finger on this "sweet little boy". Famine says that he can see that Sam enjoyed the "snack" that he sent. Sam is clearly confused, as he's assumed it was Lucifer that sent the demons to the motel to get him. Famine assures Sam that he'll never die from drinking too much blood; he is just as Satan wants him. Famine invites Sam to cut the demons' throats and drink his fill. The demons look distressed. Sam resists the urge and instead uses his powers to exorcise all the demons simultaneously while Dean grabs the knife.

Sam deprives Famine of his meal.

Famine says "Fine... if you don't want them, then I'll have them." and sucks up their black essence. Sam then tries to use his powers to destroy him, but Famine assures him that his power won't work on a Horseman. Sam acknowledges this, but points out that his power "will" still work on the souls that Famine's just consumed. Sam applies so much power that his nose bleeds, but he is finally able to rip the demons out of Famine's body. Castiel finally snaps out of his spell while Dean stares at his brother, in shock.

Dean begs for help.

Later, Dean and Castiel have locked Sam up in Bobby's Panic Room so that he can go through withdrawal, again. Sam is heard wailing, screaming and begging for them to help him. Dean stands nearby, wincing as he takes gulps out of a liquor bottle and listens to Sam's anguished cries. Castiel tries to assure Dean that Sam will be okay once he gets "it" out of his system. A forlorn Dean turns and wanders outside. He looks up to heaven and tearfully begs for help.


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  • Famine is the second Horseman to appear on the show, with the first being War.


  • Antagonists: Famine and Demons.
  • The title of this episode is based off the movie My Bloody Valentine, in which Jensen Ackles starred.
  • My Bloody Valentine is also the title of a song by Tata Young.
  • The boys identify themselves as agents Marley and Cliff, referencing Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff.
  • While telling Sam and Dean about Famine, Castiel has apparently taken a bite out of his paper bag.
  • In this episode, Dean's Cell Phone is a Nokia n78.
  • This is the first time in this season that Sam use his powers. The other (and the last) time will be in Swan Song.
  • It is revealed that a cupid was the one who set John and Mary up, in order for Sam and Dean to be born.
    • This was most likely done for them to serve as Michael and Lucifer's vessels.


  • Dean: Where am I going?
  • Sam: Dean, it's Valentine's Day. Your favorite holiday, remember? I mean, what do you always call it—uh, Unattached Drifter Christmas?

  • Dean: Cherub?
  • Castiel: Yeah, they're all over the world. There are dozens of them.
  • Dean: You mean the little flying fat kids in diapers?
  • Castiel: They're not incontinent.

  • Cupid: Love is more than a word to me, you know? I love love, I love it! And if that's wrong, I don't want to be right!
  • Castiel: Yes, yes. of course. I, uh... I have no idea what you're saying.

  • Sam: Dean, enough!
  • Dean: What?
  • Sam: You just punched a Cupid!
  • Dean: I punched a dick!

  • Dean: [Calling Castiel on his cellphone] Cass, it's Dean... Yeah, room 31C basement level, St. James medical center.
  • Castiel: [Appearing before Dean, and on his phone] I'm there now.
  • Dean: Yeah, I get that.
  • Castiel: I'm going to hang up... now. [squints]

  • Doctor: .... Well, after he blew the band around his stomach, he filled it up 'til it burst. When he could no longer swallow, he started jamming the cakes down his gullet with a...... with a toilet brush. [Sam winces] Like he was ram rodding a cannon.
  • Sam: So what do you make of it?
  • Doctor: [takes a sip of a silver liquor flask] I'd say it was a very peculiar thing to do.

  • Dean: What are you, the Hamburglar?
  • Castiel: I've developed a taste for ground beef.
  • Dean: Well, have you even tried to stop it?
  • Castiel: I'm an angel. I can stop anytime I want.
  • Dean: Whatever.

  • Dean: [questioned about why he's the only one in town unaffected by Famine] Hey, when I want to drink, I drink. When I want sex, I go get it. Same goes for a sandwich, or a fight.
  • Castiel: So... you're saying you're just well-adjusted?
  • Dean: God, no. I'm just... well-fed.


  • Alice savors a love bite of Russell.
  • Janice agrees with Jim's idea for how they can stay together forever.
  • Sam recognizes the symbols etched on the hearts of young victims of love.
  • Cupid won't let Sam get away without a proper "handshake."
  • Dean is reminded that punching an angel in the face is an excellent way to break one's hand.
  • Dr. Corman indulges after becoming a witness to suicide by Twinkies.
  • Sam waits in ambush for the case-bearing demon.
  • Dean casts a dour look as Castiel's burger count reaches the low hundreds.
  • Famine takes Biggerson's.
  • Defenseless against his craving, Castiel has abandoned the plan to cut off Famine's hand and disappear.
  • Sam attempts to send Famine's demon stewards back to hell.
  • Dean tries to cope as he listens to Sam suffer through detox again.

 International Titles Edit

  • German: Blutiger Valentinstag (Bloody Valentine)


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