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Muscas are "hybrid"-looking creatures between humans and flies


Musca are humanoids, though their faces resembles monstrous giant flies, so in order to walk among the humans world, they wear dark beekeepers hats and leather clothing to hide their bodies.

A group of Musca mourns their comrade.

The Musca tend to keep to themselves and their own communities. Their existences have been recorded in lore, but no one has ever seen one in real life. Though every few hundred years a "bad egg" is born among, where male fails to find a mate, resulting in him abandoning his community. The male turns to attack humans, using their bodies to nest binding them together in a viscous goo. Its seems though a Musca leaves the community, its kind will track it down and even retrieve the deceased body for a proper burial.

Powers and Abilities[]

A Musca nest

  • Viscous Goo Production - The Musca uses this goo as glue to make its nests and its one of the indicators that its kind is in the area.
  • Super Speed - These monsters are able to move very quickly.
  • Super Strength - They were quite powerful physically even able to over power Sam.
  • Super Agility - These monsters are quite agile when moving and hurdle any obstacles.


  • Brass Nails Dipped in Sugar Water - In theory a Musca can be killed with this, however since no one has ever seen one or used it on a Musca, its up to conjecture.
  • Mortality - Bullets were able to wound and kill them. Charlie also injured one by stabbing it in the back with a presumably ordinary knife.



Musca in lore

  • The book in which Charlie Bradbury read about the lore on the Muscas appears to contain the first two paragraphs of the wikipedia article for insects.
  • In Native American myth, a justified fate for lazy people was to be turned into a fly creature. The myth tells the fate of two tribes who lived side-by-side. One tribe looked for food and conserved it while the other tribe played, sang and danced all day. Eventually, the gods reacted by turning the productive tribe into bees and the lazy tribe into flies. The bee tribe got to fly from flower to flower, eating honey while the fly tribe had to eat garbage.

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