Ms. Watt was the helper of Toni Bevell and a member of British Men of Letters.

History Edit

In Keep Calm and Carry On, Ms. Watt stands by as Lady Toni Bevell interrogates Sam and tortures him through cold water on Toni's orders. Sam refuses to break and Toni leaves Ms. Watt to torture Sam further who claims that as he has been tortured by Lucifer, she can't break him. Ms. Watt puts Sam through intense torture, but he refuses to break, surprising and impressing Ms. Watt who believes that no one could withstand the level of pain that Sam took.

Although Ms. Watt suggests bringing in another man, Toni refuses as she hates him. Instead, she decides to torture Sam mentally, but sends Ms. Watt to kill Dean after he calls and threatens her.

Driving an SUV, Ms. Watt tracks Dean's cellphone and rams the Impala, spinning the car out and knocking out the resurrected Mary Winchester. Dean confronts Ms. Watt who refuses to give him Sam and dons a set of enchanted brass knuckles that gives her the upper hand in the fight. Castiel emerges from the Impala to fight Ms. Watt as well, but her brass knuckles allow her to overpower the seraph and ultimately beat Dean and Castiel.

As Ms. Watt goes to kill Dean with his own gun, she's stabbed through the back by Mary with Castiel's dropped angel blade, killing her and saving Dean's life. Dean and Castiel then push her SUV off the road and discover that the last call on Ms. Watt's cellphone came from Aldrich, Missouri, giving them a lead to Sam's location.

In Mamma Mia, Mick discovers Ms. Watt's body and calls Toni to inform her of the development as well as to tell her that she has been going too far. The clue Dean, Castiel and Mary got from Ms. Watt's cell phone ultimately allows them to find and rescue Sam.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

  • Expert fighting skills - Ms. Watt is an extremely proficient fighter, able to simultaneously overpower Dean Winchester and, using enchanted brass knuckles, beat a seraph, Castiel after weakening him with the brass knuckles.
  • Expert Torturer - She is an expert on torture to the point that when she fails to break Sam physically, she believes that he can't be broken after withstanding what she put him through.


  • Mortality - As a human, she has a limited life span and is vulnerable to any physical and magical attacks. She was easily killed by being stabbed with an Angel Blade in the back.


  • She is Mary Winchester's first kill after her resurrection.
  • She is one of the few people to overpower Dean in a fight.

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