Mrs. Rourke is the mother of Layla Rourke.

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Rourke is first seen outside of the tent, bringing her daughter to be healed. While talking to the Winchester brothers, it is revealed that she and her daughter have been to every service. Once in the tent, she and her daughter sit close to the stage, hoping to be picked to be healed. After Roy picks Dean, she is outraged as Dean has only just started to attend the gatherings, whereas she and her daughter have been to every single one.

Later, at another ceremony, her daughter is picked, however, Dean shouts that there is a fire. Mrs. Rourke shouts aloud as she is upset that her daughter has nearly missed her opportunity to be healed. Outside the tent, they are visited by Roy and his wife where he promises them that he will do a private service for them. As Layla is being healed, Sam and Dean destroy Sue's hold on the reaper, making Roy's "healing touch" useless, just before he could heal her.

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