Mrs. Chandler is a teacher at St. Alphonso's Academy.


Mrs. Chandler worked as the drama teacher for St. Alphonso's Academy and went through a nasty divorce with her husband that caused her to become an alcoholic.

As the drama teacher, Mrs. Chandler oversaw Marie's play based on the Supernatural books. After feeling that "there is too much drama in the drama department," Mrs. Chandler decided to go to the principal and shut the play down. In response, Calliope had the Scarecrow kidnap Mrs. Chandler to the school basement where Calliope eventually had Maggie kidnapped for similar reasons.

Mrs. Chandler's abduction drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester whom the Supernatural books had been based on. Sam was eventually kidnapped to the basement as well where he was greeted by Mrs. Chandler and Maggie. When Sam tried to break out, Mrs. Chandler stated that she had already tried "days ago."

After Calliope pins Sam to a wall with telekinesis, Mrs. Chandler and Maggie cower in a corner and watch in horror and surprise as Calliope reveals the Winchesters to be the inspiration for the Supernatural books and how she plans to kill them and Marie. Sneaking behind Calliope, Maggie signals Mrs. Chandler her wish for the woman to kick Sam his stake. Grabbing Homer's Odyssey, Maggie smashes Calliope in the head, knocking her to the ground and breaking Calliope's hold on Sam. As Calliope refocuses on Maggie, Mrs. Chandler kicks Sam the stake, allowing him to kill Calliope.

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