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Mr. and Mrs. Fremont were the parents of a child used as a temporary vessel by Lilith.

History[edit | edit source]

The demon Lilith arrived in New Harmony, Indiana and possessed the Fremont child and killed the babysitter. She then forced the Fremonts to do her bidding and treat her like their daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Fremont and the elder Pat Fremont were terrified, but were afraid to take action because of a mix of concern for their daughter, and abject fear of what she had become. Mrs. Fremont was forced to bake endless desserts, while Lilith demanded that Mr. Fremont accompany her outside to play on the swing.

Lilith wants to know who asked for help.

The family gathered at the dining table to celebrate Lilith's birthday (again) and as Mrs. Fremont cut the cake, Lilith confronted Pat about having slipped the neighbor a note for help when he went to check the mail. He initially denied having done it, but when he admitted it, Lilith asked Mr. and Mrs. Fremont if they knew about it. After tense exchanges of looks with Pat and each other, they both claimed they didn't. Lilith then snapped Pat's neck, causing Mrs. Fremont to scream in horror, but she quickly covered her mouth, as Lilith reminded her that "screaming makes me mad." Afterward, they resumed having the cake.

Later in the child's bedroom, Mrs. Fremont read a story to Lilith. When the story ended, Lilith ordered her to read it again, but Mrs. Fremont protested that she'd already read it 26 times. Lilith barked "AGAIN," and Mrs. Fremont nervously complied.

Dean assists Mr. Fremont to the basement.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fremont was downstairs, and encountered Dean, Sam and Ruby. Dean convinced him they were there to help, and Sam asked where his daughter was. He responded that the girl was upstairs with his wife, but that she was not his daughter anymore. Dean instructed Mr. Fremont to go to the basement and put a line of salt behind him, but Mr. Fremont refused to do so without his wife. Dean responded by knocking him out and carrying him there himself.

Do it!

Sam and Ruby went upstairs and Sam entered the bedroom. The child was asleep on Mrs. Fremont's shoulder. She saw that Sam was prepared to stab the girl, and whispered to him to just "Do it!", and implored him to hurry. Just as Sam was about to stab the child, she woke up and screamed at the sight of him. Dean, able to see all demons' true faces by then, prevented Sam from stabbing her, telling him that Lilith was gone.

Mrs. Fremont then comforted her crying daughter and went to the basement, guided by Dean.

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