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Mr. Tanner is a resident of River Grove, Oregon.


Sam and Dean are on a search for Duane, and manage to locate his house, but only discover Jake and his father there. Dean introduces them as U.S. Marshals, and asks Mr. Tanner when Duane will be back from his trip.

Mr. Tanner says he doesn't know, so Dean asks to speak to his wife, but Mr. Tanner argues that she isn't here either, only for Sam to point out that Jake said she was.

Jake pretends he didn't, so Mr. Tanner says his wife is on a grocery run and asks for their number so Duane can contact them.

Sam and Dean decide to come back later, allowing Mr. Tanner and his son to go back inside the house where Beverly is tied up to a chair. Mr. Tanner cuts into Jake's arm and draws blood, which then drops onto a wound on Beverly's shoulder.

Sam and Dean, who had been spying on them through the window out of suspicion, burst into the room with hand guns. Mr. Tanner immediately charges at them with his kitchen knife, but the brothers, mainly Dean, shoots him dead.

Dean then carries his body to the hospital. Through examination, Dr. Lee discovers that his lymphocyte percentage is pretty high, meaning his body was fighting off a viral infection. She also noted that residue of sulfur was left in Mr. Tanner's blood.

This led Sam to believe that Mr. Tanner was infected with the Croatoan Virus, which had begun spreading by then.