Mr. Pendleton was a banker that sold his soul to a Crossroad Demon named Crowley.


When Mr. Pendleton's bank somehow got itself into financial trouble, presumed to be the result of incompetence, Mr. Pendleton sought out a crossroads deal to remedy the situation. At first, he was approached by a crossroads demon wearing a "very young and attractive lady". She told him that the deal would be sealed with a kiss, which Mr. Pendleton was enthusiastic about.

However, when it was time for the deal to be sealed, Mr. Pendleton was approached by a demon in the form of a man, named Crowley. Mr. Pendleton asked why he was here, and Crowley explained that Mr. Pendleton was big fish, so he wanted to do him the honors of sealing the deal with him personally.

Mr. Pendleton was reluctant due to his "homophobia". Crowley waited on the count of three until Mr. Pendleton gave in and the two shared a kiss, sealing Mr. Pendleton's fate.

As of November 19th of 2019, Pendleton's deal ended and his soul was taken to Hell. However, he didn't get to see Crowley again as promised since the demon died in an alternate universe.


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