Mr. May was a werewolf that lived in Black Forest, Colorado with his sons Andy and Josh.


Along with his sons Josh and Andy, Mr. May was a werewolf. However, he believed in peaceful coexistence with humans and had no desire to hunt and kill people, presumably surviving off of animals instead. However, while Andy believed in the same philosophy as his father, Josh did not and desired to feed on people.

In 2019, Mr. May died of unknown causes and Josh gave into his desire to hunt humans. Over a short period of time, Josh killed five people in Black Forest against the wishes of Andy who still wanted to leave people alone and argued that their father would've wanted the same thing. After Josh's actions drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester and Josh continued to refuse to stop, Andy killed Josh and then himself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mr. May possessed all the regular powers of a werewolf.

  • Shapeshifting - As a werewolf, he had the ability to shift between human and wolf form. As a pureblood, he could do this at any time.
  • Infectious bite- He possessed the ability to turn others into werewolves through his bite.
  • Claws and Fangs- Werewolves have powerful claws and are able to cut through solid walls. Their fangs can tear human flesh and can rip out a human heart right out of their chest cavity. Pureblood werewolves are able to transform just their claws without transforming fully.
  • Superhuman Strength - As a werewolf, he had strength greater than that of a normal human.
  • Enhanced Agility - Werewolves agility is greater than humans, often allowing them to perform incredible jumps and sprints easily.
  • Super speed - Werewolves are capable of moving much faster than humans.
  • Super stamina - Werewolves do not tire easily.
  • Super Senses - All werewolves are able to see better than humans in darkness, similar to actual wolves, their sense of smell and hearing is equally enhanced.
  • Invulnerability - Werewolves can't be killed by conventional means and weapons. Silver however, can kill them.
  • Regeneration - Werewolves can regenerate all non-lethal damage. Purebloods are even able to completely heal their original bites.


Mr. possessed all of the weaknesses of a werewolf.

  • Silver - As a werewolf, he could be harmed with and killed by silver.


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