You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

Was Beauty that killed the Beast. No, Mina, do not weep. Perhaps this is how the movie should end...
The Shapeshifter's last words

Dracula, Wolf-man, and the Mummy are all famous movie monsters that this shapeshifter shifts into. While his real name is unknown, he does often shift into a waitress called "Lucy".



The shapeshifter takes the form of the Mummy.

He began killing people around Oktoberfest in Pennsylvania. He shifted into Dracula, Wolf-Man, Mummy, and Lucy. His favorite form was Dracula. Growing up, he mentioned that he was constantly beaten and called a monster. Then he saw famous movie monsters that were great and inspired to be them. So when he shifted into these characters, he got things from a prop house to make it more realistic.

He later made his move and appeared in front of Jamie and cornered her. He began to call her "Mina," the reincarnation of his beloved. When he got closer, she sprayed him with pepper spray, and ran. Dracula soon came face to face with Dean (Dracula called him Harker) and they fought. Dracula fled though Dean ripped one of his ears and medallion off. He escaped on a scooter. As Lucy, he drugged Jamie and Dean's beer and dragged them to his hideout.


Shapeshifter Lucy

There, he then revealed that Lucy was one of his many disguises, and from a horror movie. He continued to tell Dean about his love for famous movie monsters and how he brought them to life. Dean pointed out that the monster always dies, but Dracula refuted that he was going to write the ending, where the monster wins and gets the girl, while the hero is killed. Just as he was about to electrocute Dean, the pizza he ordered arrived. Later, Jamie woke up and the shifter tried to make her wear a dress, but she refused, and he yelled at her. Dracula later knocked her out when she called for Dean. While he battled with Sam and Dean (calling Sam Van Helsing), Jamie grabbed Sam's fallen gun loaded with silver bullets and shot Dracula twice. As he was dying, he stumbled into a chair, and mentioned this is how a monster movie should end.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shapeshifting - As a shapeshifter, he had the ability to shapeshift into living and dead people. However, he displayed the ability to also take on the form of fictional characters.
  • Super Strength - The shapeshifter was more than a match for Sam and Dean in a fight.
  • Super Speed - The shapeshifter was able to run fast enough to escape to a moped while fighting Dean.
  • Super Agility - Shapeshifters possess superhuman agility. This one easily climbed a fence before Dean could catch up.
  • Regeneration - The shapeshifter was able to regrow a ripped-off ear.


  • Silver - Jamie killed him with silver bullets.
  • Pepper Spray - Jamie it used to temporally blind him.



  • Unlike most monsters, this shapeshifter appeared to have been driven insane by his loneliness and desire to fit in in some form.
  • Actress Holly Elissa also portrayed Mary Henderson in the Season 11 episode "Safe House".
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