This Mother Changeling was responsible for kidnapping Ben Braeden, among others.


In 2007, this unnamed changeling arrived in Cicero, Indiana, and took up residence in the basement of an unfinished house. She began kidnapping the local children and replacing them with her own. While her children fed on the mothers, she would feed on the human children.

One by one a child was replaced and the real one was kept locked up in a cage inside her lair. The Mother Changeling herself replaced a Cicero Real Estate agent and began bonding with the local parents. She was first shown at Ben Braeden's birthday party, being told about Dean Winchester, who had come to meet his former fling, Ben's mother Lisa.

She paid Dana Keel a visit and brought with her a hand basket. She complimented Dana's daughter Katie, calling her "cute", without revealing that this was not the real Katie, but her own child. She asked if Dana was doing fine with her child, and wondered if Dana was still planning to sell the house. Dana ignored her because of the stress caused by the fake Katie's odd behavior.

Later on, the Mother Changeling discovered Sam Winchester snooping around her lair. As Sam saw her reflection and thus her true face, Dean found the real woman inside one of the cages. The Mother Changeling threatened to call the police on Sam, claiming he was on private property. Sam excused himself and reached for his bag. He revealed a flamethrower, but the Changeling disappeared before Sam could do anything.

As the brothers freed the real Real Estate agent from her cage, the Mother Changeling returned and viciously attacked Dean, sending him colliding into a wall. Sam tried to use a lighter on her only to be overpowered and thrown aside as well. Dean tried again, while urging the real Ben to lead the children out of the lair.

Distracted by Dean, the Mother Changeling turned round to see Sam armed with the flamethrower. She was killed by the flames and her death led to the deaths of all her children as well.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation - She managed to avoid being burned by vanishing away from Sam. Only when she was distracted was Sam able to torch her.
  • Super Strength - She was strong enough to throw Dean and Sam around with relative ease.
  • Invulnerability - She could only be killed by fire, though she could apparently be stunned with blunt force, such as when Dean struck her in the face with a brick.


  • Fire - Sam killed this changeling by setting her on fire.
  • Mirrors - Her true face was shown when seen in a mirror or a reflection. 


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