Morris is a FBI agent.


FBI agents Morris and Valente were assigned to investigate Leviathan Sam and Leviathan Dean's murder spree. They first appeared at the scene of a bank robbery. They left after Sam and Dean were spotted over a thousand miles away. Morris and Valente later arrive in St. Louis to the scene of a massacre committed by the Leviathan Sam and Dean in a diner.

The two agents watch footage of the two Leviathans shooting people, finishing up with the cameraman. They two Leviathans address the camera and say they are heading to Iowa. The two agents later inform other law enforcement agencies of this. Morris and Valente later meet with Sheriff Osborne and his daughter, the coroner.

Osborne tells both agents he got the drop on both brothers and killed them. He also tells them he had both brothers cremated. This angers both agents but they decide to take the easy way out and close the case. In reality, Osborne helped the real Sam and Dean defeat their Leviathan doppelgängers and helped them fake their deaths again.


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