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Moriah is the 20th episode and season finale of Season 14. It aired on April 25, 2019.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam, Dean and Castiel are thrown into an epic battle. Meanwhile, Jack becomes disenchanted with all the lies, and an old friend from the past shows up.


After breaking out of the Ma'lak Box, a furious Jack blasts Sam, Dean, and Castiel across the room and then disappears. Castiel wonders how Jack could have broken free when the box was designed to hold an archangel, and Sam reminds him that Jack isn't an archangel. Castiel angrily tells the brothers that they should never have tried to lock Jack away, and Dean counters by saying that he wanted Jack dead, causing Castiel to storm out.

Sam reluctantly agrees with Dean that Jack has to die, though they have no idea how to kill him. Castiel tries to get into Hell, asking to look at the design of the Cage, but the demon he is talking to turns him away. A voice behind Castiel tells him that they are screwed, and he turns to see Chuck, who tells Castiel that he got his prayer and that Jack is a big problem.

Meanwhile, Jack wanders around the city, hearing the lies people tell each other. He yells at everyone to "stop lying," which briefly pauses time before everything reverts back to normal.

Sam and Dean head to Mirror Universe, a facial-recognition technology company, to see if they can track Jack's face. When Dean tries to use his fake FBI badge he blurts out the truth that he's looking for the Devil's son and his ID his fake. Quickly they realize that everyone is incapable of lying as fights break out between the company staff as they all tell the truth. This also leads to; Sam announcing his favorite singer is Celine Dion and not Elvis as he claims, the President of the United States revealing his entire tax history and links to Russia and North Korea and a demon deal he made with Crowley on National Television, and one of the news reporters revealing he's in love with the other. Everything is chaotic.

Jack visits his grandparents again but is accused by his grandmother of being a liar because after he left they phoned around and no-one had heard of him. She demands to know what he's done to her daughter causing Jack to snap and his eyes to flare gold.

Castiel arrives with Chuck who points out the chaos caused when no-one can lie. Dean angrily demands to know where he's been and Chuck prepares to sing before Dean smashes his guitar angrily.

Chuck teleports them all back to the Bunker and shows them just how bad everything is by turning on the radio revealing, among other things, that the Queen of England is a lizard before he snaps his fingers and reverts things so the truths were never told. He presents Team Free Will with a gun he calls "the Equalizer" that can kill Jack but to work means whoever pulls the trigger will also die - Chuck cannot use the gun because if he dies then reality will be destroyed. Castiel openly despises the idea saying that he called Chuck back to restore Jack's soul not kill him.

Dean insists that it's the only way and Castiel can either support it or walk away. Castiel walks away driving to a graveyard where Jack appears saying he's been looking for him.

Back in the bunker, Dean tells Sam that he's going to be the one to kill Jack and Sam states that he's not going to let Dean and Jack die at the same time storming out of the room angrily.

Jack and Castiel talk where Jack reveals he knows that killing Mary was a mistake but he still can't feel anything without a soul. He also didn't harm his grandmother, leaving before he did anything else.

Sam confronts Chuck and asks him if what the Apocalypse World version of Michael said was true about God and the alternate worlds; that Chuck gets bored and abandons them. Chuck evades the question asking if Sam believes what Michael was saying but admits that he does see what's going on in this world because this version of Sam and Dean are his favorites - they're "his show". Sam angrily demands why Chuck doesn't bother to step in and why the fate of the world always lands on their shoulders but Chuck simply responds that they're his boys. He also reveals that he's known all along where Jack is and Dean has already left the bunker with the gun.

Back at the graveyard, Castiel and Jack continue to talk when Dean arrives. Castiel stands between the two ordering Jack to run but Jack knocks him aside. Accepting what he's done as wrong, Jack kneels and tells Dean he understands why he has to die.

Sam arrives and runs towards the pair shouting at Dean to stop. As he gets closer, Chuck appears and stops him from moving further forward. Sam demands to know if he's enjoying what he's seeing but Chuck shushes him.

Sam and Dean with God

Sam and Dean turn against Chuck

Dean cannot bring himself to kill Jack and drops the gun as Castiel hurries back over. Chuck angrily states that this is not how the story is supposed to end leading Sam and Dean to realize that Chuck has been playing them all along, creating their suffering for his own entertainment. Chuck orders Dean to kill Jack, promising to bring Mary back from the dead if he does.

Dean hesitates briefly, but refuses, saying it's not what Mary would have wanted and that Chuck can go to Hell for all the suffering he's put them through. In retaliation, Chuck snaps his fingers, smiting Jack. While Castiel tries to help Jack as he dies, Dean tries to fight Chuck, who merely throws Dean through a headstone. As Chuck walks away, Sam grabs the gun and fires it at Chuck, hitting them both in the shoulder but causing Chuck no real harm.

Chuck angry

Angered, God starts the apocalypse

Furious, Chuck states that if this is how they want it, then the story is over. He welcomes them to The End and vanishes with darkness plunging over them all. Dean is confused at how Chuck killed Jack if the gun was the only thing that could and Castiel repeats what Chuck told him earlier, which is that "he's a writer" and that "writers lie."

Jack wakes up in the Empty, and the Shadow looms over him, smiling. He hears a voice behind him and turns to see Billie standing over him, and she tells Jack that they need to talk.

Moriah 14

Team Free Will against the apocalypse again

In the graveyard, the ground begins to shake as ghosts rise from it through fiery cracks. Castiel realizes it is the souls being released from Hell - Chuck has triggered the Apocalypse. An army of zombies rises up and surround the three, as previously defeated monsters The Woman in White, The Killer Clown, and Bloody Mary return from being sent to Hell.

Castiel takes out his angel blade, and Sam and Dean arm themselves with iron bars from a fence, as the zombie horde closes in and attacks.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


  • Taylor Hui as Mamie
  • Chilton Crane as Mrs. Kline
  • Shanae Tomasevich as Constance Welch
  • Shaun Magee as John Wayne Gacy
  • Brandyn Eddy as Break Room Man
  • Carson Bokenfohr as Yogurt Guy
  • Yumi Ogawa as No One Loves Me Employee
  • Rob McEachern as I Hate Everyone Employee
  • Deborah Barnes as Stapler Queen Employee
  • Veronica Long as Receptionist
  • Clifford Prang as Friend's Wife Lover
  • Cameron MacLeod as Cuckold
  • Naomi Atherton as Tall Girl
  • Travis Turner as Short Guy
  • Victor Dolhai as Man #1
  • Matthew Graham as Father
  • Kate Gajdosik as Female News Anchor
  • Paul Duchart as Male News Anchor
  • Alan O'Silva as Driver
  • Laura Carly Miller as Birthday Mom
  • Jasmine Miriguay as Young Girl #1
  • Amanda Spinosa as Young Girl #2

Featured Supernatural Beings[]



  • Moriah is the name given to a mountainous region by the Book of Genesis, in which context it is the location of the sacrifice of Isaac.
  • This is the first season finale to air in April.
  • This is the second season finale to not feature all of the main characters with No Rest for the Wicked being the first one.
  • This is the third season finale to be set in a graveyard with Swan Song and Alpha and Omega being the first two.
  • This is the third season finale to feature a Nephilim, with All Along the Watchtower and Let the Good Times Roll as the first two.
  • This is the fourth season finale to feature God with Lucifer Rising, Swan Song and Alpha and Omega being the first three.
  • This is the first time that Castiel interacts with God while back in Season 11 it was Lucifer who used Castiel as a vessel.
    • However, he interacted with God in Season 4 as Chuck Shurley, not knowing who Chuck really was.
  • This is the first time Jack Kline meets God and Billie. Also, this is the second time he meets The Empty.
  • A newscaster states that Donald Trump, while under Jack's Mind Control, spent more than two hours disclosing his entire tax history, deep ties to Russia and North Korea, and a demon deal Trump that made with Crowley. However, this was undone by God along with all the other effects of Jack's mind control leaving only Sam and Dean to remember the truth.
    • This is a reference to the current controversies with President Trump in the real world.
  • God reveals that The Darkness is in Reno playing keno, which turns out to be her favorite.
  • God reveals that he actually can't restore a soul, stating that souls are complicated, even for him.
  • When Sam drives to the cemetery to stop Dean, he is driving Castiel's car from Peace of Mind.
  • God plunges Earth into chaos to punish Team Free Will for their defiance against him.
  • When God releases all of the souls of Hell upon the Earth, former enemies Constance Welch, Mary Worthington, and John Wayne Gacy can be seen resuming their previous activities.
  • This episode marks the first time God kills someone on-screen.
  • Kelly Kline's mother reveals that to the rest of the world, Kelly is missing and no one knows where she is. Kelly is feared to be dead by her family and friends, and her parents discovered that Jack lied about his identity after his last visit.
  • It is confirmed that there are multiple Archangel Blades by God's comments when he is playing with one in the bunker. Sam's comments about the Winchesters having gotten it from another world suggest that its Michael's archangel blade, the one used to kill both Gabriel and Lucifer.
  • God's choice in setting "The End" scenario resembling some pop cultures:
    • The climactic ending where the souls emerge from Hell and resume terrorizing people is reminiscent of the climactic scene from 1984 movie Ghostbusters where the Ecto Containment System is deactivated under the orders of EPA lawyer Walter Peck (the human antagonist) and the ghosts emerge from the Ghostbusters' headquarters to terrorize New York City.
    • When the spirits from the Hell unleashed, the scene depicted it resemble the scene of the unleashing of Angel of Death from The Ark of Covenant from 1981 movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark. There are some similarities of camera view and animation between both of the scene.
    • God's choice in ending the world by reanimating zombies from their graves is resembling Zombie Apocalypse, a particular scenario within apocalyptic fiction. In a zombie apocalypse, a widespread rise of zombies hostile to human life engages in a general assault on civilization.
  • As of this episode, all known Nephilim are deceased.
  • This marks the first appearance of The Equalizer.
  • This is the second time that Jack died.
  • Ironically, in response to Dean telling him to go to Hell, Chuck wreaks Hell upon the Earth.
  • The Queen of England is revealed to be a Lizard when Jack Kline forces people to tell the truth although it's unclear as to whether Lizard People are monsters or aliens in Supernatural universe.
    • Besides, this situation is a reference to Doctor Who in which, according to one version, the Queen of England was secretly a lizard.
  • In the episode, Chuck tells Sam that among the universes he created, there is one without the color yellow, and one completely inhabitated by squirrels, which Crowley calls Sam by the nickname 'Squirrel'.



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