The Morest nest was a nest of vampires that used the abandoned Morest Hotel in Wichita, Kansas as their base of operations.


Led by the Vampire Nest Leader, this nest was the only surviving vampire nest in the Midwest United States after the British Men of Letters began Project V. According to the British Men of Letters intelligence, the nest had the surviving eleven vampires from the Midwest, including Kris, the survivor of another nest wiped out by the British operation.

Shortly after Kris joined the nest, the vampires were approached by the Alpha Vampire with a plan to attack the British Men of Letters compound and put an end to the British operation in America. Kris alone remained behind at the abandoned hotel where the vampires had made their nest and was later found by British operative Arthur Ketch and hunter Dean Winchester who had come to wipe out the nest. Under promise of a quick death, Kris told them that the nest had gone to hunt the hunters.

Under the Alpha Vampire's command, the nest attacked the British compound, killing two guards. The nest leader and another vampire managed to get inside, but the other vampire was killed and the nest leader captured by Sam and Mary Winchester. After the nest leader told them that the Alpha Vampire was coordinating and leading the attack, Mary killed him. Two of the vampires then broke in through the main entrance while the rest spread out to surround the building. The two vampires were encountered by Sam, Mary and Pierce Moncrieff when they went to retrieve the AVD, but Sam dispatched them with relative ease.

After Sam killed the Alpha Vampire with the Colt, he and Mary killed a few "stragglers." The few surviving nest members scattered and fled following the Alpha Vampire's death.

Known Members


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