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Moonlight is the tenth episode of Supernatural: The Animation.


While taking a nap in the Impala, Sam dreams of the last time he spoke to Jessica. He recalls packing his things to go find his father, while Jessica is clearly reluctant to let him go. Sam reassures her that all will be fine, and walks towards the exit. Before he leaves, Jessica calls to him but is unable to say what she wants to, and instead brushes it off as nothing. She apologizes.

When Sam looks to the driver's seat of the Impala he is shocked to see Jessica. Jessica turns to face him, with large burn marks on the left side of her face. Sam then wakes up, shouting Jessica's name, worrying Dean who is still driving.

Sam tells Dean that he's okay and that it was nothing.

Later on at a motel room, Sam discovers a case about several hookers from Hunter's Point being attacked by wild dogs over the last few months. They suspect it may simply be a pack of strays causing it, but the fact that all incidents occurred at night during a full moon leads them to suspect werewolves, or hell hounds, which Dean refers to as "servants of Satan".

Dean believes a silver bullet to the heart will answer their questions, however, Sam claims it's not that simple, since the latest victim is a lawyer named Mulligan. Sam decides the case needs proper investigation.

Sam and Dean question Mulligan's assistant, Madison, and ask her if Mulligan had any enemies or angry clients. When Sam notices Madison is hiding something, he demands an answer. Madison admits that her ex-boyfriend, Kurt, became a little crazy after they broke up, and assumed she and Mulligan were in a relationship.

As Madison explains this, she spots Kurt staring up at her through the window. Dean and Sam order her to stay in the office while they go check him out.

They reach Kurt's apartment only to discover many photographs of Madison, proving him to be a stalker, and that he had escaped through the window. Sam becomes frustrated, and Dean correctly deduces that Sam is associating Madison with Jessica.

When the brothers notice a full moon approaching, Sam rushes to check on Madison while Dean continues the search for Kurt. When Sam enters the office, he instantly sees Jessica burning on the ceiling, but soon realizes it was all in his head. Madison returns shortly after, claiming to have been helping the kid next door. Sam is furious, and yells at Madison, causing her to slap him. Sam apologizes.

Dean calls to inform Sam that Kurt had been hanging around at Hunter's Point, but hadn't killed anyone yet. He also advises Sam not to get too close to Madison, unless he wanted to end up like he did with Jessica. Sam acknowledges this. Sam explains to Madison that his girlfriend, a law school student, was dead because of him and she would have ended up like Madison if she were alive. He apologizes for his outburst. Sam adds that life is so short so he became very worried. Madison forgives him.

Sam and Madison discuss the painting.

The two begin talking about a painting done by Kurt, that Madison kept because she likes it too much. The two gradually bond. Before Madison falls asleep, Sam promises to protect her no matter what, and falls asleep outside her room.

Later, outside Kurt's house, Dean notices Kurt being attacked through his window. By the time he gets there, Kurt is already dead but the werewolf is still there, and it attacks Dean. Before Dean passes out from his injuries, he manages to cut the werewolf's wrist. Sam wakes up to Dean calling him about the attack. Dean believes it's Madison due to the werewolf's resemblance, but Sam rebuffs him, saying Madison had been in bed all night.

Madison soon wakes up and she happily greets Sam. Dean tells Sam to check her right wrist, which Dean had slashed with a silver knife. Indeed, Sam discovers the exact wound on Madison's wrist.

The brothers tie her up to a chair and leave Madison to cry, having had no recollection of being a werewolf. Dean suggests killing her, but Sam doesn't want to, since he believes her to be an innocent girl who truly has no memories of the attacks. Sam urges Dean to find another solution that doesn't involve killing Madison.

The brothers call Bobby Singer for help. Bobby provides them with a possibility, but makes it clear that it is not guaranteed to work. He says that a werewolf might change back into a human if the werewolf who bit them is killed.

Dean agrees to go check out Hunter's Point, believing their target is the one responsible for killing the hookers. Meanwhile, Sam watches over Madison, who grieves over simply having gotten a dog's bite, and realizing it was more than that. She eventually transforms and attacks Sam. However, Sam manages to lock her inside a closet while Dean kills the other werewolf.

Sam takes Madison out of the closet, now that she's no longer transformed and seemingly cured. Upon accepting that she is indeed a werewolf and the cause of numerous deaths, Madison attempts suicide but Sam prevents her from doing so, promising to take care of her instead. When Dean arrives, the three celebrate their success before the brothers leave.

Madison bids Sam and Dean farewell.

However, Madison ultimately decides to end her life, too guilt-ridden by her past actions to remain happy. Sam refuses to allow her to die, but Madison transforms again and leaves Sam wounded while she goes after Dean.

Over the phone, Dean tells Sam that they must end her life, for there is no other option left. Sam finally relents and reaches Madison's location to save Dean from getting killed.

Madison turns on Sam and leaps for him, forcing Sam to shoot her. As she lay dying, Madison smiles up at Sam, happy for once now that she is free of her curse.

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  • This episode was originally titled Heart, the name of the TV series episode which it was based on.