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Michael James "Moondoggy" Verlander was a roadie-turned-junkie-turned-witch that was employed by Albert Chao for summoning The Heart of the Dragon. He's a novel-only character.


Originally, he was a good boy. But he later fell into wrong path: he turned into a hippie, and later dropped out from college. He later moved to San Francisco six years prior the events of Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon (in 2003) where he began his career for a certain job, only to ruin it some time after. In addition, he became depressed and a junkie, and has drained all of his own money for "grass" and drugs.

However, at some point, he grew interested in arcane arts and started dabbling with Witchcraft. While his feats are unknown, he is very accomplished. Due to his accomplishments, Albert Chao realized his capabilities and later hired him with a large amount of money for buying good quality "grass" and drugs. Eventually, he employed him to summon The Heart of the Dragon.

Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon

In 2009, he was tasked by Albert Chao to concoct a spell for summoning The Heart of the Dragon once more. He began to collect several items for building a black altar for summoning ritual. But he noticed the spell was very unusual. When he succeeded, he and Albert Chao then performed the ritual. They succeeded, finally raising The Heart of the Dragon once more.

Moondoggy, stunned due to anthropomorphic flame figure of The Heart of the Dragon, realizing if the thing that they summoned is a very vile spirit, not an ordinary demon. When Albert Chao took control to the The Heart of the Dragon and wanted him dead to cover his tracks, and leaving no witnesses, he protested about Albert Chao's acts. Soon, The Heart of the Dragon possessed Albert Chao, slaying him with brutal slash and burn act.

His body later found by San Francisco hunters, reduced into ash. His death also gaining attention of Sam, Dean, and Castiel, beginning the Albert Chao manhunt.

Power and Abilities

Despite his relatively young age, Moondoggy was a very accomplished witch. While his whole power and abilities are unknown, his accomplishments gained the attention of Albert Chao and convinced him to hire him. He can also keep a relatively low profile, with no one realizing he was a very accomplished witch.

  • Spellcasting - Moondoggy was a very accomplished witch. As a witch, he was able to cast many spells. The pinnacle of his capabilities was being able to raise The Heart of the Dragon, despite John Winchester efforts 20 years ago (in 1989).


  • Mortality - Moondoggy could be affected by mortality. Any fatal wounds could kill him.
  • Fire - Moondoggy was killed by The Heart of the Dragon's fire slashes. Reducing his body to ash.


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