These four unnamed men worked as deputies for the Monument, Colorado Sheriff's Department.


In 2008, FBI Agent Victor Henriksen got a tip from Bela Talbot that fugitives Sam and Dean Winchester were in Monument, Colorado. In response, Henriksen contacted local Sheriff Melvin Dodd to gather all of his men in order to capture the Winchesters for transport to Supermax. Dodd called in Deputy Phil Amici and four other unnamed deputies in response. Working together, the deputies and Agents Henriksen and Calvin Reidy captured the Winchesters.

Upon his return to the sheriff's station, Henriksen expressed displeasure with the number of deputies Dodd had sent with him. Dodd admitted that the four men and Phil were all that he had available on such short notice and Henriksen ordered them posted guarding the exits.

After Sam attempted to exorcise the demon possessing Deputy Director Steven Groves, the demon fled and called for backup. The first demon to respond took one of the four deputies as a vessel and then proceeded to slit his vessel's throat, the other three deputies' throats and the throat of the FBI helicopter pilot. The demon continued to possess the dead deputy afterwards, playing dead so he could ambush and kill Reidy.

During the siege that followed, the demon used the deputy as his vessel to fight the Winchesters and Henriksen. At the end of the siege, the demon possessing the deceased deputy was the only one not exorcised and departed in the deputy's body to warn Lilith of the events that had occurred.


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