My Shadow Orc brethren will descend from the Black Hills and the tents of mo–… And the tents of Moondoor will be bathed in blood as we unseat the queen of the Moons from the throne she stole from the rightful heir — the shadow king.
— Monty, as his fake teeth fell out while in a stockade
in LARP and the Real Girl

Monty was a LARPer in the roleplaying game Moondoor, and his character was a Shadow Orc. When Sam and Dean Winchester arrived at the LARPing field, Monty was locked up in a stockade, accused of being a thief. Dean later decided with Boltar to use him as a resource to draw out the Shadow King, and carry out a prisoner exchange, as they were under the impression the Shadow King had kidnapped the queen.

Once Monty realized that Charlie was in actual danger, he told Sam and Dean that he had seen a mysterious tent by the river that did not belong to any of the LARPers. He also hoped that as Charlie's friends, they would put in a good word for him with Charlie when they found her, as he had a crush on her.


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