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Molly was a ghost who used to haunt Route 41 on the anniversary of her death every year.


Molly and her husband David were driving through the snow-covered woods on Route 41 going on an anniversary date. As David tried to steal a kiss, they passed an old house. Distracted, Molly suddenly swerved when she saw a farmer on the road ahead. The couple's car goes off an embankment and crashed down a hill into a power pylon. When Molly woke up, there's no sign of David. She got out of the car and ran to the house, calling for her husband. However, when she opened the door, she saw a vaguely human figure waiting for her inside.

Later, Sam and Dean are driving along Route 41 and discussing what to do about the spirit that has caused 14 accidents in the last fifteen years along that stretch of highway. Molly ran out in front of them and Dean was forced to swerve, just managing to control the car and avoid a crash. She begged them for their help and the Winchesters go with her to the crash site. However, when they get there, they discovered no sign of the car. Molly doesn't understand but Sam assured her that they believe her and asked her to tell them what happened after the crash. She told them about the house and the figure she saw inside.

They go inside and Sam talked to Molly while Dean found a door leading up into the attic. Molly worries about her husband and Sam promised her that her husband was safe. A woman's corpse was hanging from the rafters, and love letters left by Jonah indicate that she was Jonah's wife, Marion, who hung herself, unable to bear the separation from her husband. The grandfather clock behind Molly suddenly extended ghostly arms to grab her. Sam pulled her away while Dean shot rock salt rounds into the clock, and the trio jumped out the window on a rope. They go into the woods, find the tree from the photo, and dig up Jonah's corpse. As Molly looks on, Sam Dean salted and then burned the bones, telling her that it's the only way they know of to dispose of spirits for good. Sam suggested that ghost stay in the real world because they don't know that they're dead, and he hopes that they find a better world beyond.

The Winchesters took Molly back to their car and Sam promised Molly that she won't see Jonah again. She wondered where Sam was and finally realized that he lied to her. She ran off into the woods before Sam can tell her the truth and he ran after her. Before he could explain, another ghost grabbed Molly and jumps off a nearby cliff into a river. The brothers run down to help her and figure that Marion's ghost is also haunting the area.

When Molly woke up, she discovered that Marion's spirit was holding her under the water, promising to make her feel what it's like to have a loved one taken away. 

Dean went through his pockets but has nothing to left burn. He finally has no choice but to start removing his clothing. In the river, Marion's ghost suddenly burst into flames and then disappeared. While Sam got Molly out of the river, Dean tried to stay warm over the fire.


Molly saying goodbye to Sam.

Later, Sam and Dean drove Molly to her home. Sam led her to the window and she saw her husband with another woman. Sam told her that David remarried fifteen years ago, even though Molly thinks only a day has passed since the crash. He told her that she died fifteen years ago in the same crash that killed Jonah, and that the two of them have been haunting Route 41 ever since. David had her body cremated and released into the river, and Molly's spirit has caused accidents ever since by jumping out onto the road. The brothers knew all along and planned to use Molly's ghost as bait to lure out Jonah. Sam tells Molly that David was eventually able to say goodbye to her and move on, and that now Molly has to do the same. She realized that he knows what it means to lose a loved one, and hugged him, crying. Sam says that he believed that eventually the dead move on to a better place, and told Molly that she had to go there. After a moment, Molly said an unheard goodbye to David and then disappeared in a burst of white.

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