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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

... Moa'ah ... A kind of demonic afterbirth unique to this region of the American South. I have not seen its like since the Civil War battlegrounds. When angels and demons skirmished over the souls of the dead... You don't understand, Moa'ah is a footnote in the Luciferian apotheca — one of its most obscure calling cards. It shouldn't exist anymore. Its very presence here is a harbinger of the Apocalypse. And the Witness knows this. He wants us to know it.
Castiel about The Moa'ah
... Moa'ah's the animating force behind every bad kind of mojo you can imagine. Like the fuel that makes it go. Sounds like your dead Civil War soldier must've gotten some on him when he wore the noose.
Bobby about The Moa'ah

Moa'ah is a unique demonic breed of creature which is commonly found in Southern American. It's commonly found on land which supported massive carnage. According to Castiel, it was very common to be found on The Civil War battlefields where both sides (Union and Confederate) spilled their blood on fierce battles, but they somehow were wiped out to the point where it was no longer detected, even by the angels. Its very presence on a land is a signal of Apocalypse.

At some point, it was tied on Judas's Noose.

Physical Appearance[]

It appears in a completely black gooey liquid. However, it later started to transform to a tiny, cilia-like legs—dozens of them— which wiggled around it. With weird, deliberate speed, it's able to transform to scurry like a malformed cockroach. Even in its immature form, it's able to produce pitchful shriek that capable to disable a full grown man.

When fully unleashed, it appears like a giant swirl.

Powers and Abilities[]

Moa'ah is a very powerful creature.

  • Possession - Moa'ah is capable of possessing people.
  • Infection - Moa'ah is able to transmit itself like virus to infect people. To do this, a person which is possessed by the Moa'ah must be touched by another person.
  • Mental Manipulation - Moa'ah is capable of influencing the thoughts, memories or emotions of a being. The presence of a Moa'ah caused intense anger that was able to make people kill each other without hesitation.
  • Super Strength - Moa'ah is able to overpower full grown humans with ease. It's able to fling humans easily.
  • Biokinesis - Moa'ah is capable of heavily eviscerating a human body with ease.


As creature with demonic origin, it has some demonic weaknesses.

  • Exorcism - Moa'ah reacted strongly when an exorcism was performed. When Dean recited an excerpt of Rituale Romanum on a Moa'ah possessed person, it made the Moa'ah forcefully de-possess the body.
  • Holy Water - Moa'ah can be dissolved with a spray of holy water. But, it only dissolved a part of it, not kill.
  • Magic - Moa'ah can be trapped by magic. It could be trapped in an enchanted container such as Jubal Beauchamp's Coffin.
  • Overstraining - Overstraining can cause Moa'ah to expand to its limit. Causing its vessel to start to crumble. 
  • Demon-Killing Knife - Moa'ah can be killed by demon-killing knife. However, to do this, they must be contained in a vessel. When killed, they'll explode along with the vessel which contained it.