Mjölnir is a mythical war-hammer belonging to the Norse god Thor.

Season 8Edit

What's Up, Tiger Mommy?Edit

At some point Mjölnir fell into the possession of Plutus, the god of greed, who auctioned it. At the auction house, he accepted the finger of the Frost Giant Ymir and 5/8 of a virgin from his fellow god Mr Vili.

Spn802 sam

Sam with Mjölnir.

SUPERNATURAL - Mjölnir at Sinclair's Magical Manor

A similar hammer in one of Sinclair's window boxes at his mansion hall.

Unfortunately for Mr. Vili, he was caught in the middle of a battle between the Winchesters, and Crowley, and Beau who Crowley had bribed to join him. To kill the deity, Sam took Mjölnir from Mr. Vili, and killed Beau. Sam was about to give it back to him, when it dawned on him about the virgin remains (which came from a female banker Mr. Vili murdered). He demanded to know how Mr. Vili acquired the 5/8's of a virgin. When Mr. Vili gave him a sheepish look, Sam angrily killed Mr. Vili with it.

What became of the war-hammer after this was never stated in the show so far; it was last seen laying on the floor in the middle of Vili's remains at the end of What's Up, Tiger Mommy?, although a very similar object can be seen in the main hall of Cuthbert Sinclair's magical manor, among his collected rarities and antiquities.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This is a powerful weapon able to kill pagan deities with a single hit.

  • Advanced Electrokinesis - When wielded, it lets off massive blasts of electricity that are powerful enough to kill a deity.



  • In Norse mythology, only beings of supernatural strength such as deities like Thor himself or Jotunn have been shown to wield the hammer. However, it's unknown if that also applies in the Supernatural Universe, despite Sam being able to wield it like any other hammer.
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