Mitchell Rayburn was a camper and the first known victim of Gerald Browder.

Mitchell was camping in the Wharton State Forest with his wife, Leann when they end up getting ready to go to sleep. Mitchell kisses Leann goodnight and Mitchell and Leann go to sleep with the sounds of nature. Mitchell wakes up, trapped in his sleeping bag outside in the wilderness upside down. Mitchell, confused yells out for Leann but no response, Mitchell hears noises and tells the figure to stay back. The figure gets to Mitchell and Mitchell screams. The figure slaughters Mitchell and eats him.

Later, Mitchell's corpse is discovered Sam and Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer try to figure out about the recent disappearances and of Mitchell's murder. Mitchell's murder is avenged when Sam, Dean and Bobby all kill Gerald Browder, the figure that murdered and had eaten Mitchell. It had been revealed that Gerald had turned into a monstrous zombie due to an experiment made by a Leviathan named Dr. Gaines.

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