Mistress Aloway was a teacher.

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During 17th century Scotland, Mistress Aloway was a teacher to a group of children in a village, one of whom was Gavin MacLeod. She later became a crewman on board the trading ship The Star, captained by Gavin himself.

However, due to Gavin being brought to the future by Abaddon, Gavin failed to get on board the ship before it set sail. The crew soon discovered Gavin's fiancé, Fiona Duncan, as a stowaway. The crew proceeded to brutalize and rape the young woman, with Mistress Aloway encouraging the acts.

After the ship sunk during a storm off the coast of Massachusetts, the suffering Fiona experienced drove her to become a vengeful spirit and she began killing other teachers in revenge for what Mistress Aloway had done.

These horrible events were averted when Gavin decided to return to the past and join Fiona on board The Star, where he could protect and ensure she did not suffer. In both timelines, Mistress Aloway died along with the crew and drowned at sea.

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