That's gonna hurt.
Missy to Deputy Hudak
Missy Bender is the youngest member of the Bender family.

Background Edit

Missy along with her family are residents of Hibbing, Minnesota. Like them, Missy is psychotic and evil.

She is first shown when Deputy Kathleen Hudak comes to her house in search of Sam and Alvin Jenkins. At first, Missy tells the deputy that both her parents are dead, before smiling wickedly when Pa Bender sneaks up behind Kathleen and knocks her out with a shovel. Pa then sends Missy to go find her brothers.

When Dean later arrives, he mistakes Missy for an innocent girl, allowing Missy to stab him with a knife and pin him to the wall, while she calls for her father to come downstairs. A fight ensues in which Dean is eventually knocked out by Pa.

When Sam and Deputy Hudak escape from their cages, Pa orders Missy to stay in the house and keep an eye on Dean. While Pa and Jared go to find out what happened to Lee, Dean breaks free and overpowers Missy, and proceeds to lock her in a closet. She is presumably taken into custody at the end of the episode.


Trivia Edit

  • Alexia Fast also portrays Emma in season 7 episode "The Slice Girls".
  • Missy Bender was often regarded by multiple cast and crew members as being extremely scary.
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