Miriam was an angel that sought Jack, the Nephilim, for his power.


In Lost & Found, Miriam visited Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats in North Cove, Washington, demanding fries from the teenager working the counter. Though the clerk kept insisting that they didn't serve fries, Miriam kept demanding them. When Sam Winchester entered, Miriam tried to get Sam to join in her demands for fries and the clerk told Sam that Miriam was drunk. Miriam claimed to be "a little bit" drunk and went outside where she spotted Dean with a bloody hand. Miriam went on a rant about how she once punched a poster and lit most of the stuff belonging to "her" roommate Becky who was the kind of person that always pissed people off. Miriam claimed that "I've got issues" as a reason for her actions. Miriam then watched the Winchesters drive off after having learned where Jack is.

Along with Lily and Conrad, Miriam accosted Clark outside of the local sheriff's station where Jack was located. Miriam took Clark hostage with an angel blade to his throat and had Clark call for help. Recognizing that Miriam is an angel, Dean stops Sheriff Christine Barker from shooting her, knowing that it will have no effect on Miriam. Dean demands that Miriam release Clark which she agrees to do if Christine kills Dean. Miriam states that Dean is not a hero, he's Becky, her supposed roommate. "You take things and break things and piss people off and just do whatever you want no matter who it hurts. Also, you're a giant super-bitch." Miriam insists that Dean needs to die and orders Christine to do it.

As Christine hesitates, Miriam receives a message on "angel radio" that Lily and Conrad have Jack. Miriam declares that it's "too late" and stabs Clark in the side with her angel blade. As Christine rushes to her son's aid, Dean attacks Miriam. The two fight with Miriam possessing the greater strength and throwing Dean around. However, Dean eventually defeats Miriam and holds Miriam's own angel blade to her throat, demanding to know why Miriam and her angels are at the police station. Miriam explains that they "want the golden ticket", Jack, due to his power to "do almost anything." Miriam taunts that Castiel is "all the way dead" because of Dean and breaks free of his hold with a headbutt.

Miriam enters the cell area where Sam has banished Lily and Conrad. Arming himself with an angel blade that Conrad dropped, Sam confronts Miriam and orders her not to go after Jack. Unthreatened, Miriam asks Sam what he will do if she doesn't and Dean enters, telling her to "guess." Surrounded on both sides by the Winchesters, Miriam holds her angel blade out to Sam in an apparent surrender before suddenly stabbing Jack through the heart with it, telling Sam that "if we can't have him, no one can." Sam quickly stabs Miriam through the heart with his angel blade, killing her.

When the Winchesters turn their attention to Jack, they find that Miriam's attack has left him unharmed. Clark survives his wound from Miriam and is rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Miriam appeared to be a regular angel with the abilities of one.

  • Angelic Possession - Like all other angels, she required a vessel to walk the Earth and their permission to do so.
  • Telepathy - She was able to communicate over "angel radio."
  • Immortality - As an angel, she would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As an angel, she is invulnerable to most forms of harm. However, she was briefly stunned by being smashed in the face with a fire extinguisher.
  • Super Strength - As an angel, she was stronger than humans, monsters and most demons. In a fight with the Dean Winchester, Miriam was able to easily throw him around the room and effortlessly broke a coat rack in half.
  • Super Agility - She was able to quickly react to Dean's attempt to Jab at her with a coat rack and grab it.
  • Super Speed - She was able to go from holding her angel blade out to Sam to stabbing Jack in the heart with it somewhat quicker than a human.
  • Localization - She, Conrad, and Lily were able to track Jack to the North Cove police station.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant - She was shown to be very skilled in hand to hand combat in her fight with Dean. Though Dean initially matched her and when she gained the upper hand, her far superior strength appeared to be a factor in this.


As a regular angel, Miriam possessed all the weaknesses of one.

  • Angel Blades - She could be killed by an angel blade.
  • Mechanical Trauma - She was briefly stunned when Dean smashed her in the face with a fire extinguisher.


Killed ByEdit

After she attempted to kill Jack, Sam stabbed Miriam through the heart with an angel blade, killing her.


Similar to Angels such as Metatron or Gabriel, Miriam appeared to have quite Human like characteristics, such as a human like sense of humor, first seen when she wrote "bitch" on The Impala, whilst talking to Dean and when she later referred to Jack as "Bieber". She also had awareness of human culture to some extent as shown when she mentioned the movie frozen.

She is shown to be quite ruthless and cruel and also somewhat manipulative; when the Winchester's refused to allow her to take Jack, she held out her Angel blade to Sam, feigning surrender before suddenly stabbing Jack in the heart, telling Sam, "if we can't have him, no-one can". This proved to be a fatal mistake for her, as this caused Sam to kill her as punishment. Her attempt to kill Jack was also futile as she was unaware Jack was immune to Angel blades, despite her apparent knowledge on Jack's powers, rendering her death for nothing.

She is also power hungry as she and her angels attempted to abduct Jack, seeking to use his immense power for themselves. Miriam was also shown to display some sadistic characteristics. When she held Clark hostage against his mother, she tried to make Sheriff Barker shoot Dean Winchester in exchange for letting Clark live, only to have Conrad contact her over angel radio, telling her he and Lily had found Jack. She cruelly taunted her by saying that it was too late before stabbing him in the side and in her fight with Dean, she taunted him about how Castiel was dead and declaring that it was because of Dean and was shown to enjoy making these taunts.



  • Miriam is the first angel to ever be killed by Sam Winchester.
  • According to the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament, Miriam was the name of the sister of Moses and Aaron. She was a prophet.
  • She is one of the few angels who seems to have a personality of a regular human, including the humanly sense of humor.
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